***Duron - African Chalkware***

Duron "Made in England"

Duron produced chalkware figurines, lamps, wall plaques, busts and retro 50s, 60s African pieces. There are over 500 different Duron pieces

The Duron company was created by 'Max Lohnberg' & 'Herbert Hermann Louis Lohnberg' who had German origins

Max died in September 1958 (age 78), Herbert lived until at least the 1960s

The registered address is 2 Ronalds Road, Holloway Road, London N5

Company was based in London and Manchester (UK) between approx 1952 and 1966

Niera, Bacci, Lohnberg & Paoli Bros were forerunners of the Duron product name

There appears to be no published books on the Duron product

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Examples of 'Duron' Chalkware Figures

Black lacquered heads & figurines dating from the 1950s. A true Duron has a gold coloured oval sticker on the base saying DURON.

Note: These pieces are not made by Bossons.

Numbered 6015, Reg No 385747. Stamped with " Duron Made in England"

Duron 88576 (dated 1957 onwards) 4.5inch


Numbered 6001 and measures 6 inches high

Numbered 6042, Reg No 887410. With Duron Made in England sticker on the base. Height  6.5 inches 


Duron - 6.6inch - Made in England

Numbered 6051 and measures 7 1/2 inches high

Numbered 6010, Reg No 883679 and measures 6 inches high


Duron Ware - PLASTER - 4.5inch, 1950's

Numbered 6006 with Duron label. 6.5 inches high. 1950's wall mask


Duron Fig - 10.75 high and is 4 at her widest

Label on her base with 'DURON - Made in England'.  Number imprinted on her side at the base 'Reg. Mo 88576'. 
Height:  6 inches (15 cm)
Width:   3   3/4 inches  (9.5 cm)