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Duron Chalkware Figures

Black lacquered heads & figurines dating from the 1950s. A true Duron has a gold coloured oval sticker on the base saying DURON.

These pieces are not made by Bossons.

Numbered 6015, Reg No 385747. Stamped with " Duron Made in England"

Duron 88576 (dated 1957 onwards) 4.5inch


Numbered 6001 and measures 6 inches high

Numbered 6042, Reg No 887410. With Duron Made in England sticker on the base. Height  6.5 inches 


Duron - 6.6inch - Made in England

Numbered 6051 and measures 7 1/2 inches high

Numbered 6010, Reg No 883679 and measures 6 inches high


Duron Ware - PLASTER - 4.5inch, 1950's

Numbered 6006 with Duron label. 6.5 inches high. 1950's wall mask


Duron Fig - 10.75 high and is 4 at her widest


Label on her base with 'DURON - Made in England'.  Number imprinted on her side at the base 'Reg. Mo 88576'. 
Height:  6 inches (15 cm)
Width:   3   3/4 inches  (9.5 cm)