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(Dr Watson)








Heads and Figurines

Price £  / Condition / Date
Abdhul (1964)   (£25/£35mint/£10/£18/July02) (£7/Aug03)
Afghan Figure (Shelf)  (1962 only) 12inch figure (£642/£460/July 03) (£585/£727/£527/£385/Dec04)(£112-fair/July05)(£255/July05)
Albanian   (£26/Aug02)
Andrew Aguecheek See Sir Andrew Aguecheek  
Angels (Cello, Violin, Lyre, Concertina) (Cupid is shelf )  


LYRE (/28/Nov02) (40/Aug03)

CUPID (106/Nov02) (White Colour 31/Jan03)

CHERUB SHELF (67/Dec02) (80/100/Jan03) (60/Aug03)

VIOLIN (52/Aug03)


CELLO (40/52/Aug03)

Anne Boleyn   (110/Sept02) (86/69/Oct02) (74/110/Nov02) (41/Dec02) (43/Jan03) (78/54/55/37/Feb03) (43/Aug03) (27/31/Dec04)
Armenian   (11/July02) (24/Aug03) (28/Dec02) (12/24/Feb03)
Arul Barbarossa MIB Seafarer (Good/197/July02) (148/Sept02) (101/92/Oct02) (93/Nov02) (98/Jan03) (72/97/109/100/Feb03) (75/70/Aug03)
Aviator (87/55/79/Aug02) (63/64/Sept02) (82/Oct02) (98/70/Nov02) (97/Jan03) (64/46/56/Feb03) (60/108/Aug03)
Bargee (46/July02) (66/Sept02) (37/38/41/60/Oct02) (64/Jan03) (28fair/Feb03) (46mint/36/Feb03) (45/Aug03)
Bedouin - Shelf   34/Oct02
Beefeater (293 Hollow backed/Feb03) (272/Dec04)(62/July05) (22/40v good/July02) (54/Aug02) (25/41/38/Sept02) (60/40/Oct02) (38/29/Nov02) (58/40/Jan03) (40/Aug03) (27/Oct03) (22/30/Dec04)
Bengali 5 stripe is rarer than 3 stripe

Five Striped Version - (1947Reserve not Met/2252/Feb03) (1500poor/Oct03)

Three Stripe Version - (1320/1566/Aug03) (2366DonsOct03) (1371/1960/950/1092/Jan04) (746/535/Jan05)

Blackbeard (92mint/88/July02) (41/160/Sept02) (94/71/101/64/Oct02) (50/Nov02) (80/66/Feb03) (63/54/53/45/47/Aug03) (66/Oct03) (55/36/Dec04)
Boatman   10/July02 6/8/Sept02
Boatman with red Collar Rarer Version (54/Nov02)
Bretonne Lady    (29/32/25/25/July02) (34/Sept02) (22/Oct02) (35good/30/Jan03) (28/21/23/Feb03) (16/Aug03) (17/Dec04)
Bronco   (225/July02) (127/Jan03) (134/121/Dec04)
Bucaneer   (10poor/Aug02) (17/Sept02) (12/Oct02)
Burmese Woman (Wall Mask) There is also a Pottery Version (28/Sept02) (24poor/115/122/Aug03) (108/Dec04)
Butler   Rare
Canadian Mountie (66/Aug02) (38/Sept02) (54/Dec02) (52/Jan03) (62/Feb03) (78/Aug03) (46/Oct03)
Captain Pierre Le Grand   (93/Sept02) (91/Jan03)
Captain Kid   (28mint/45/42/Aug02) (68/Sept02) (40/Oct02) (42/Jan03) (25/Feb02) (21/Aug03)
Captain Morgan See Sir Henry Morgan
Carnival Annie (110/Nov02) (128/Feb03) (Carnival Joe + Annie 155/Feb03) (149/102/Oct03)
Carnival Joe (97/July02) (125/Oct02) (66poor/Jan03) (193/129/Oct03)
Carnival Joe & Carnival Annie (90fair/Aug02) (181/Sept03)
Caspian Man With one sideburn and two sideburns. (28/July02) ( 32/41/20/Aug02) (24/10poor/33/Sept02) (32/11Very Poor/7/14/17/23/Oct02) (25/Jan03)

2no Sideburns - (19/Oct02 mint) (35/Aug03)

Caspian Woman   (169/Aug02) (128/237reserve No Sale/Sept02) (122fairish/300??/104poor/Oct02) (193/57poor/156/Dec02) (222/Jan03) (185/178/Feb03) (155/222/112/Aug03) (330/Oct03) (224/321/98poor/Dec04](250/Jun05)
Caspian Woman (Veiled)   (324/July02) (375/Sept02) (568/Oct02) (717/653/193/Dec04)
Catherine of Aragon   (76mint/Oct02) (70mint/Nov02) (50/Dec02) (72/Dec02) (57/56/Jan03) (35/18fair/45/Aug03)
Cavalier   (16/Sept02) (28/67/Oct02)

(Green Hat - 56/Nov02) (163/Dec04)

Chaka (Vers 1 with brown headband) Version 1 is rarer

(21/22/28/26/July02) (18/16/Sept02) (23/Nov02) 

Version 1 - (20/Feb03) (29/Aug03)

Chaka (Vers 2 with red headband)   (46/Dec02)
Chambermaid There many not be any models. This is one of the final proposed models of Bossons. Very Rare
Chensing (Shelf Ornament - see Tibetan)   (205/Oct03) (101poor/275/80/Dec04)
Chef   (16/July02) (20/Aug02) (6/9/Aug03)
Cheyenne   (23/6poor/July) ( 02 41/July02) (17/21/Aug02) (10fair/Sept02)
Cheyenne (Bare Arm) Bared Armed type (2372good/July02) (1123fair/1046fair/Oct02) (1320/Feb03) (826/Jun04)(722-painted shield/Jun05)
Churchill See Winston Churchill
Clipper Captain (83/July02) (103mint/Aug02) (104/92/Sept02) (128/85/Oct02) (98/90/Nov02) (102/Jan03) (72fair/81/116/162/Feb03) (73/Jun04)
Cook The last model made by Bossons, only a few in existence Very Rare
Coolie   (33/32/34/Aug02) (27/40/Sept02) (25/Oct02) (20/17/Nov02) (30/27/Jan03) (31/Feb03) (92mint/Oct03)
Corsican   (39??/12/Aug02) (5/Sept02) (25/Oct02)
Cossack (80/141/Aug02) (93/93/Oct02) (74/Dec02) (78/Dec02) (106/124mint/122/Feb03)
Coxswain (60/Aug02) (55/100/63/19/62/Sept02) (32/Oct02) (95/Nov02) (53/Jan03) (62/45fairish/53/Feb03) (59/45/49/Aug03) (63/Oct03) (77/58/26/Jun04)
Cricketer Models in existence,  Not released for production Very Rare
Custer & Sitting Bull   (106/116/125/Aug02) (75/38/Sept02) (120/71/80/Oct02) (59/97/Nov02) (50/Jun04)
Deccan Hunters  

(34/26/35/41Aug02) (55/18/Oct02)

Green Eyes - (32/52/Feb03)

Brown Eyes - (30/Feb03)

Desert Hunter 1st edition - floppy ear on dog to 1964.  2nd edition  -  ear high on dog 1963 to 1969 (81/July02) (51/39/Sept02) (10poor/9/35/Oct02)

1st Edition Floppy Ear - (37/Oct02)

Desert Hunter 2nd Edition (23/Oct02)
Desert Hawk Also see Eastern Hawk 10/July02 13/Aug02
Desert Hawk TABLE LAMP   350/Aug02
Don Quixote & Sancho   (162/103/Aug02) (119/Oct02) (126/Nov02) (144/Feb03) (112/Jun04)
Donald Duck    (1320/Oct03)
Dr Watson (32/July02) (36/35/46/37/Sept02) (41/Oct02)
Drummer 1959/63 (48/Oct02) (31/26/Nov02) (26/Feb03) (16/16/Aug03)
Drummer Boy (44/42/46mint/July02) (47/42/31/Aug02) (38/Sept02) (46/Nov02) (35/Jan03)
Dr Watson   (24/37/Aug02) (22/Sept02) (10poor/Nov02) (38/Dec02) (32/Oct03)
Eastern Hawk (42/Oct02)
Earl of Warwick See 'Richard Neville'
Engineer 1992 (56/57/Aug02) (61/82/Oct02) (70/41/51/Jan03) (82/Aug03) (38/Jun04)
Eskimo   (29/10/Aug02)
Espana   (1145good/1161/July02) (2200/Nov02) (2257/Feb03) (1583/Aug03) (766/1735/1020fair/950fair/Jun04)(560/Jun05)
Evzon   (159/140/125/Aug02) (88/Oct02) (78/Nov02) (112/Jan03) (118/171mint/111/Feb03) (134/Aug03) (84mint/Jun04)
Falstaff (51mint/Nov02) (73/Aug03) (46/Jun04)
Fighter Pilot Operation Desert Storm (50/75/75/53/Sept02) (45/55/Oct02) (60/Nov02) (87/Jan03) (66/Feb03) (70/67/Aug03) (49/40/Jun04)

(24/38/Sept02) (30/Oct02) (52/Dec02) (70mint/Jan03)


Fisherman (57/Aug02) (35/67/78/107/75/Sept02) (85/71/53/Oct02) (58.48/Feb03) (31/44/52mint/55/Aug03) (52/29/Jun04)
Fisherwoman (100/Aug02) (77/Sept02) (79/Oct02) (132/124/84/Feb03) (114/51/71/Jun04]
Fly Fisherman   (70/Oct02) (92/80/68/Nov02) (58/102/57/Aug03)
Emiliano Zapata  (See Zapata)  
Galleon Shelf Ornament   (253/100damaged/Jun04)
Geisha   (128 minor paint wear/165/) (150fair/Aug02 96/125/108/Sept02) (104poorish/Oct02) (64poor/Nov02) (115fair/Feb03) (63poor/Aug03)
Golfer (36/136/Sept02) (75/86/Oct02( (74/72/Feb03) (67/55/Jun04)

(70mint/July02) (58good/Aug02) (78/41/55/Sept02) (98/Nov02)

Closed Eye - (77/Feb03) (141/64/Aug03)

Open Eye - (53/Feb03) (39/Jun04)

Guardsman   (38/29/39mint/July02) (34/47/29/Aug02) (37/Sept02) (42/51/Nov02) (28/68/Jan03) (49/23/Aug03) (30/Jun04)
Gypsy Girl (Light - 36/Jan03) (Dark - 27/Jan03)

(33 chips/July02) (31/20/Sept02) (20/Oct02) (42/51/25/Nov02) (66/Dec02) (68/Jan03)

LIGHT TAN - (103/Aug03)

Harry Wheatcroft (1971) Striped Shirt version is rarer. There was a blue eyed version on EBay?.

(Blue Eyed/257/July02) (very poor £23/£343/Oct02) (205/Nov02) (230/Dec02) (194/Feb03)

(372/231/266/87poor/Aug03) (243/Oct03) (112poor/407/196fair/228/23poor/132fair/Jun04)

Henry VIII See King Henry  
Henry Morgan See Sir Henry Morgan  
Highwayman   (52fair/80/July02) (93/39/48/Oct02) (47/Nov02) (60/75/Jan03) (51/Feb03) (42/Jun04)
Himalayan   (26good/Aug02)
Himalayan Lamp   (14/Sept02)
Himalayan - Shelf Ornament (15/22/18/Oct02) (17/Aug03)
Horatus Cocles  - Fraser Art   (269/105/73/53/Jun04)
Indian Chief Came in 2no Colours. 1961 to 1964 

(54fair/63/53/Sept02) (41/39/Oct02) (55/Oct02) (78/43/Nov02) (93VGood/47/55/57Jan03) (45Fairish/Feb03) (55/42/Aug03) (39/41/Oct03)

BLUE HEADDRESS - (193/Feb03)

Indian Dancer   (250/Sept02)
Infantry Man (Officer) (55mint/60/50/July02) (42/38/Sept02) (31/Jan03) (70/34/41/Aug03) (15/26/36/Jun04)
Jock (16/Sept02) (7/Nov02) (3/Aug03)

RED VERSION - (150/Oct03)(90/Jun05)(Apr05/90)

Jockey (85/46/Sept02) (50/58/21/48/Oct02) (59/Nov02) (39/Feb03)
Jolly Tar   (35/July02) (40/37/50/Aug02) (45/Sept02) (47/Jan03) (31/Feb03) (37/Aug03) (31/Jun04)
Jazz Figures   430/Aug02
Katherina   (318mintNov02) (99/Aug03) (57/Jun04)
Karim   (38/20/23/July02) (23/38/Aug02) (20/16/10/43/Sept02) (12poor/38/Sept02) (Mint68/Jan03) 
Kassem   (40/July02) (29/36/Aug02) (86/80?/41/21/Sept02) (31/Nov02)
King Henry VIII (58/65/Aug02) (58/55/Sept02) (48/67/64/Oct02) (43/Nov02) (38/Dec02) (53/Jan03) (56/47/Feb03) (34/39/aug03) (25/36/28/Jun04)
King Olaf Tryggvasson (76/Aug02) (101/Sept02) (70/70/Oct02) (68/Jan03) (77/78/Feb03) (58/Jun04)
Kruger One Edition only. South African Market (President Kruger), Krugerand Coin. All Krugers have 1958 (C) date. 1962 on left lapel of jack. V Good / £3817($5999)/July 2002
Kurd   (28/Aug02) (£12 no sale/8/12/Oct02) (8/Nov02)
Laplander (64/Aug02) (55/Sept02) (53/53/Oct02) (63/Nov02) (50/42/Aug03) (49/40/Jun04)
Lady in Red   (2800/Jan05)
Liechtensteiner   (29/Aug02) (10poor/Sept02) (68?/Dec02) (37mint/Dec02) (27/Jan03) (22/Feb03)
Life-Boatman   (7/13/3poor/17/July02) (5/Aug03)
Linebacker - Fraser Art   (272/200/177/Jun04)
Lord of the Desert   (16good/4/July02) (20/Aug02) (6/7/Aug03)
Malvolio   (48mint/Nov02)
Mandolin Player (Lady)   (29/Aug02) (41/78/Sept02) (30/Nov02) (15/18/Aug03)
Mariarty (45/July02 52/Aug02) (57/34/45/63/Sept02) (54/44/Jan03)
Mexican   (194good/72 v poor/July02) (72Vpoor/with £199 reserve NEVER SOLD/Aug02) (127fair/Sept02) (65/152/142/71/Oct02) (54poor/Dec02) (278/Aug03)  (96poorish/157/Oct03)
Mickey Mouse   (987/Sept02) (1215/Jun04)
Mikado Slightly rarer than Geisha (129 minor paint wear/160 reserve not met/July02) (155/Oct02) (152/78poor/Nov02) (144good/130/137/Feb03) (84/104/61/Aug03) (187mint/Oct03) (50fair/Jun04)
Mimi Very few examples. (1677fair/Nov02) this was a very cheap sale!! (2382/Jan05)
Minnie Mouse   (1125/1062/Sept02) (1495/Oct03) (1202/Jun04)(1230/Mar05)
Miner   (26/July02 32/26Aug02) (35/56/18/Sept02) (56/Dec02) (31/38/Jan03) (40/23/45/Feb03) (32/Oct03) (30/Jun04)
Montenegrin (1962)   (29/July02)
Moroccan - Shelf Ornament (15/Oct02)
Mozart (50/Aug02) (28/48/35/46/Sept02) (31/Jan03)
Mr Bumble (19/Nov02)
Mr Micawber (7fair/Nov02) (13/Dec02)
Mr Pickwick Experimental Model - (£467/Feb03) (8/Oct02)
Mr Wang Mr Wang Original Version (729/July03) (2904/Jan04) (184/Oct02) (141/Nov02) (89/Dec02) (126/147/Dec02) (127/118/Jan03) (175/259/166/Feb03) (143/98/Jun04)
Mystery Lady   (3650/July03)
Nigerian Man (1st Edition) (25/27/Sept02)
Nigerian Man (52/July02) (15poor/Sept02)
Nigerian Woman   (187/July02) (206/Aug02) (180/Nov02) (98/55/July03) (230/Jun04)(280/240/Jun05)
Ninth Lancer  

(186fair/Sept02) (126/126/Oct02)

CLOSED EYE - (124/Aug03) (185/Oct03) (91/Jun04)

OPEN EYED - (602/Feb03)

Nuvolari (Aviator) (71/Aug02) (77/Sept02) (79/Dec02) (97VGood/Jan03) (115/Feb03) (99/Aug03)
Price £ / Condition / Date
Officer De Chevauger

(86/56/Sept02) (56/Dec02) (74/Jan03) (49/Feb03)

Open Eye -  (54/Oct03) (55/Jun04)

Closed Eye - (141/127/Aug03)

Olaf see King Olaf  
Old Salt   (43??/46/28/19/20/16/13/Sept02) (14/Oct02) (24/Jan03)
Old Timer   (85?/Sept02) (45/Oct02) (31/Jan03)
Paddy (version 2) less valuable (3/Aug03) (7/Oct03)
Paddy (version 1)   (26/25/Nov02)
Pathan   (3/29/18/41/26/July02) (10/31/Aug02) (30/Sept02)

(Painted Shield/162/Jan03) (193/Jan04)

Parson   (63/July02 61/Aug02) (80/Nov02) (65/54/Dec02) (82/Aug03) (69/Jun04)
Paul Kruger See Kruger
Peon (41/31/ July 02) (18/Aug02) (24/25/20/31/Sept02) (53/36/36/Nov02)
Persian   (9/Oct02)
Pierre   (15/17/18/9/July02)
Pierre - Brown Hat  Rarer Version (46/Nov02)
Pierre Le Grand   (104/86/Oct02) (107/81/Nov02)
Pony Girl   (210fair/July02) (140fair/213/Sept02) (284/Dec02) (200/166/216/51poor/Feb03) (190/Oct03) (113/142/Jan04)
Portia   (38/Oct02) (47mint/Nov02)
Punjabi   9/Aug02 3/Sept/02

Yellow Turban - (57/Jan04)

Punuari   12fair/20/Aug02
Quarterback - Fraser Art   (449/409/Jan04)
Racehorse   (1045/Jun04)
Railway Engineer (See Engineer)  
Richard Neville (Fraser) Earl of Warwick - Copper Collection with Viking Head & Horatus Cocles (98/Sept02) (76/Oct02) (97/Nov02) (88/Jan04)
Rob Roy (98/Aug02) (95/Sept02) (120mint/126mint/Oct02) (111/Dec02) (156mint/Feb03)
Robin Hood   (26/Aug02) (16/47/40/Sept02) (37/38/Oct02) (27/Nov02) (94/Jan03) (35/Jan04)
Rodeo   (222/July02) (126/Jan03) (227/Aug03) (117/132/Jan04)
Rolf (Viking) (95/Aug02) (126/Sept02) (104/115/Oct02) (90/Nov02) (109/Jan03) (121/Feb03) (94/Oct03) (71/Jan04)
Romany (1st Edition)   (12/25/Oct02)
Romany (2nd Edition)   (15/28/Aug02) (12/26/Oct02) (16/Nov02) (58/Jan03)
Romany (yellow scarf)   (93/Sept02)
Rosa Very few examples. No know Ebay sales
Rumanian   (21/29/Aug02)
Runningback   (485/372/Jan04)
Santa Claus (86/93/Sept02) (95/126/Oct02) (112/126/Jan03) (77/51/Aug03) (53/70/77/Jan04)
Saracen (1960) White and Yellow Turban versions are similar prices.


Yellow Turban - (38/Aug02) (17/Jan03)

Sarah Gamp   (8/26/Sept02) (15/13/Oct02) (17/Jan03)
Sardinian   (27/July 02)
Scrooge   (35/23/Aug02)
Serbian   (37/26/Aug02) (29/Sept02) (30/Jan03) (26/16/Aug03)
Serbian - Shelf Ornament   (48/Oct02) (41/Aug03)
Sikh   (29/Aug02) (10/9/10/Sept02) (12/Oct02)
Sikh - Shelf Ornament  


Yellow - (51/Jan04)

Sinbad   (105/Aug02) (155/Oct02) (96/Dec02) (123/128/Jan03)
Sir Andrew Aguecheek   (50mint/Nov02) (47mint/Jan03)
Sir Henry Morgan   (17/37/42/July 02) (43/31/41/Aug02) (56/78/Sept02) (65/62/Oct02) (50/27/48/Nov02) (38/59good/Jan03) (32/Feb03)
Sir Lancelot (42/112/July02) (113/Aug02) (68/63/Sept02) (93/Nov02) (53/Nov02) (89/56/Jan03) (88/Aug03) (102/Oct03) (70/Jan04)
Sir Tony Belch   (50mint/Nov02)
Sixth Dragoons  


CLOSED EYE - (189/Aug03) (155/196/Jan04)

Shepherd & Dog   (71/Sept02) (88/0ct02) (63/Nov02) (100/Dec02) (99/126/54/Jan03) (68/Aug03) (75/64/55/Jan04)
Sherlock Holmes  

Normal Version - (34/41/Aug02) ( 35/39/24/28/Sept02) (64/Oct02) (23/Nov02) (38/Dec02)

Prototype Version - (515/July02) (310/Jan04)

Sherpa   (25/Aug02) (31/36/Sept02) (40/28/25/Nov02) (13/Aug03) (21/60mint/Aug03)
Ship See Sovereign of the Seas, Galleon, Viking Drakkar.  
Snake Charmer (ver 1) Thinner with 1no side-burn. (31/Aug02) (29/35/Oct02) (29/25/Feb03) 
Snake Charmer (ver 2) Thicker with 2no side-burns. Rarer Version (Thicker66/Sept02)
Sophie Lamp   (451/July02)
Sophie Shelf Ornament   (817poor/July03) (745poor/1210/Jan04)
Sovereign of the Seas Wall Ornament See Galleon (510/168top brokenOct03) (172/Jun04)
Squire (95/Aug02) (56/33/Sept02) (51/Feb03) (45/Jun04)
Syrian   (9/Nov02) Common
Third Light Dragoons   (190/111/Oct02) (103/Nov02) (46/Jan03) (145/Feb03) (124/199/Jan04)
Tibetan (see Chensing) Very Common (16/July02) generally worth less (4/Jun04)
Tony Belch Se Sir Tony Belch
Tony Weller (12/11/10/Sept02) (7/Oct02)

(69/45/July02) (76/51/Aug02) (60/Oct02) (42/Feb03)

Open Eye 1st Edition - (496/Jun04)

Closed Eye -  (158/Aug03) (82/Jun04)

Tulip Time (123/98/Oct02) (113/Feb03) (59/June03) (122/60/62/Oct03)
Tyrolean (7/Oct02) (22/Jan03) (22/18/Feb03)
Uriah Heep (Grey Hair) (30/Oct02) (20/Jan03) (13/Feb03)
USAF Pilot   See 'Fighter Pilot'
Victorian Bobby (56/48/54/Aug02) (29/39/Sept02) (63/Oct02) (50/Nov02) (62/62/Jan03) (50/Feb03) (32/Jun04)
Victorian Fireman (55/Nov02) (75/Jan03) (76/52/Feb03) (37/Oct03) (37fair/Jun04)
Viking Drakkar (96/July02) (411/Jan04)
Viking Head (Fraser Art) Copper Collection (123/Aug03) (97/Oct03)
Watson see Dr Watson  
Welsh Lady   (46/July020 (48/Sept02) (41/Oct02) (38/Nov02) (30/50/Jan03) (32/Feb03) (27/Aug03)
Whosehe Lamp with no name on base (on magic carpet).  Approx 12no. Made for 1no client. (919/Jan04)
Winston Churchill Gold (Guilded) version  is rarer

Painted Version - (Good/111reserve not met/July02) (110/Aug02) (86/128/Sept02) (91/Oct02) (99/155/Feb03) (98/88/64/Aug03) (72/Oct03) (92/60/89/47/Jan04)

Gold Version - (312poor/Sept02) (593/Oct02) (390poor/Jan03) (296/Oct03) (164/374/318/Jan04)

Woman in Red (2184/457/Jan04)
York (1st  Issue) Cowboy type hat  (31/Aug02) ( 65/50/Sept02) (52/Oct02) (71/Nov02) (48/Dec02) (49/Feb03) (47/Oct03) (38/Jan04)
York (2nd Issue) Beaver type hat (56/55/65/103/Sept02) (51/60/Oct02) (48/Nov02) (60/Oct03)
Zapata (Emiliano)   (107/78/Sept02) (78/Oct02) (117/110/126/Oct02) (144/Feb03) (67/Jan04)


Animal & Birds

(Bossons + Fraser Art)

Afghan Hound   (39/Aug02) (46/10/Oct02) (23/22/Feb03) (19.Aug03)
Alsatian (Series II) No Series I Alsatian  
Alsatian (Series III)   (9/Aug03) (11/Jun04)
American Bald Eagle   (98/Jan03) (185/148/Feb03) (103/137/Aug03) (92/Oct03)
Badgers (1990)   (72/Feb03) (86/83/74/Aug03) (69/35/Oct03)
Bassett Hound   (16/Sept02) (6/7/Nov02) (13/Jan03)
Bay  (Fraser Art Horse) Originally described as Chestnut (62/15/11/15/Jan03) (25/16/Aug03)
Black Panther   (77/110/Sept02) (52/64/Nov02) (64fair/Feb03) (69/78/59/47poor/Aug03) (38/22poor/Oct03)
Bluebirds   (157/Jan04)
Blue Tits   (6/Oct02) (8/15//Nov02) (22/Dec02)
Bird of Paradise Fraser Art (Goldish Colour) (640/Oct02) (644/Aug03) (458/530/Jan04)
Birds & Sunflower   (190/July02) (132/Sept02) 207/133/Feb03) (90poor/182/May03) (93/87/Aug03) (128/Oct03)
Bird on Roses   (60poor/Jun05)
Boxer (Series III)   (6/Aug03)
Boxer (Series II)   (29/Aug03)
Boxer (Series I)   (98/45/Aug03) (36/27/Jan04)
Bullfinch and Clematis   (100/Jan04)
Bush Baby   (12/11/Oct02) (8/Nov02) (14/Feb03) (5/Aug03)
Chaffinches   (31/Nov02) (10/Dec02) (22/Dec02) (31/Jan03) (15/Feb03) (26/35/17/10/Aug03)
Chaffinches & Roses   (494/Oct03)
Chipmunks   47/28/63/Sept02
Cocker Spaniel   Brown - (21/Oct02) (6/8/Jan04)
Corgi   (23/Oct03) (21/20/14/Jan04)
Dachshund   (35/Aug02) (26/Oct03) (20/25/21/43/Jan04)
Eagle (12inch span)   (29/24/Aug02) ( 80??/34Sept02) (24/Oct02) (62/Nov02) (18/Dec02) (16/Jan03) (32/30/102mint/16poor/Feb03) (11/Aug03)
Eagle (18inch span) Fraser Art (87/Sept02) (31/35/Oct02) (26/36/Nov02) (53/17/Jan03) (35/36/Feb03) (27/Aug03)
Falcon Rarer Bird (91/Oct02) (41/Aug03) (89/Oct03) (99/Jan04)
Fennec Fox   (1440/Jun05)
Fighting Cock (Right) Fraser Art (80/Nov02) (375/Dec03)
Fighting Cock  


Left & Right Pair - (738/Oct03)

Left - (362/Jan04)

Finch and Roses   (50/Nov02)
Foal   (908/780/Jun04)
Fox Cub   (23/17/Sept02) (5/13/Nov02)
Fox & Horse Lamp   (36/Sept02)
French Poodle 2no types - Black and White  
Gazelle Fraser Art (114/July02) (168/Aug02) (125/Oct02) (180/Nov02) (181reserve not met/Feb03) (298/Aug03) (122/144/117/200/Jan04)
Gibbon   (52/Aug02) (51/41/31/Sept02) (58/Nov02) (75/63/Jan03) (48/45/95/Feb03)
Gibbon with Bananas   (46/Nov02)
Golden Cockatoo   (477/July02) (477/Aug02) (235/Aug03) (132/Jun04)
Golden Labrador   (7/Sept02) (13/Oct02)
Golden Puma   (110/62/Sept02) (50/64/Oct02) (35/Nov02) (72fair/feb03) (52/46/57/Aug03) (37/Jun04)
Golden Retriever   (5/Sept02)
Goldfinch & Daisy's ??   (320/Aug03)
Goldfinches on Magnolias   (135/Oct02) (168/Feb03)
Gorilla Group  On wooden base (Stonite) (165/Dec02) (113/Aug03) (171/82/117/Jun04)

HORSE - Bay (was Chestnut) and Palomino

PONY - Bay, Grey, Black, Dun

FULL SIZE HORSES - Mare and Bronze Horse (same model).

Racehorse, Mustang and Foal

MAN & HORSE - Bronco & Rodeo


1st Design has 2no Babies.

2nd Design has 1no Baby.

(64mint/Jan03) (74/60/33fair/Feb03) (82/Aug03)


2ND DESIGN - (41/39/Oct03) (63/Jan04)

Kingfisher   (21/Aug02) ( 31/15/5/8/Sept02)
Kitten - Series 1    
Kitten - Series 2  

Black - (22/35/Feb03) (20/Aug03) (41/Jan04)

Blue - (25/22/Feb03)

White - (55/Jan04)

Koala Bears

1st Design with full height tree.

2nd Design with half height tree.

(22/Aug02) (22/Dec02) (12/19/Feb03)

1st Design - (5/Oct03)

2nd Design - (6/24/Aug03)  (16/Oct03)

Mallard - Fraser Art single Mallard   (281/Jan04)
Mallards x 3   (126/Sept02) (95mint/Aug03) (198mint/91/Jan04)
Mallard Box Set x 3 Box Set - 11.25inch/13.50inch/180mm (45/Nov02??) (101/Feb03)
Mare (Fraser) Full Size Horse

NORMAL MARE - (720/Aug03)

BRONZE MARE - (845/Jul05)

Mustang (Fraser)   (618/510fair - Gray Colour/510) (563/Jan04)(240/Jun05)
Osprey (Fraser Art) (39/31/24/Aug03)  (39/Oct02) (118/Nov02) (38/Dec02) (41/Feb03) (30/21/23/Aug03)

Blue Fish - (41/23/Sept02) (30/29/Jun04)

Brown Fish - (40/Sept02) (41/Jan03) (22/Jan04)

Guilded - (945/Jun05)

Owl   (41/31/Feb03) (46/Aug03)
Owlet   (24/10/5/Feb03) (2/8/Aug03)
Owlets & Squirrel   (144/Aug03) (41/Oct03) (151/133/Jan04)
Pandas   (50/51/34/17/Oct02) (48/71/47/22poor/Feb03) (23chip/20/33/Aug03)
Palomino Fraser Horse (41?/Jan03) (28good/14/Feb03) (8/13/Aug03)
Parrots   (117/July02) (36/Sept02) (90/Oct02) (104/Nov02) (99/93/Jan03) (95/Feb03) (87/80/127/Aug03)
Peke   (11/26/Jan04)
Pheasant Fraser Art (77/97/Feb03) (38reserve  not met/Aug03) (102/Oct03) (52/55/Jun04)
Pony   DUN - (8/Aug03)
BLACK - (21/Oct03)


White - (15/16/Jan04)

Choc - (17/9/Jan04)

Black - (17/9/Jan04)


White -

Choc -

Black -


White - (14/Jan04)

Choc - (15/Jan04)

Black - (14/Jan04)


Black - (6/Sept02)

White -

Racehorse   (359damaged/Jun04)
Racoon   (12/5/July02)
Racoon (Grey)   (31/Sept02) (17/Oct02) (31/Nov02)
Red Setter   (23/Aug02) (11/Aug03)

Nest in Bucket.

3 eggs common.

5 eggs is rarer.

3no Eggs - (19/13/23Sept02) (21/Oct02)

5no Eggs - (53/Feb03) (37/220/Jun04)

Sailfish   (251/Jun04)
Saluki 16inch Dog   (668/Aug02) (963/Dec02) (1051/Aug03) (835/513/Jun04)
Scottie 3rd edition has thick red collar (10/Sept02) (10/Oct02)
Scottie 2nd Edition   (18/Oct02) (16/Nov02)
Scottie 1st Edition Gold Collar (234??/Sept02)(113/Jun05)
Scottie Dog Jock with a Tam   (832/July03) (771/Oct03)
Sea Hawk (Osprey) Chalk (109/Jan03) (116/75/Oct03)
Setter Rare (111/Oct03)(84/Jun05)
Siamese Cat   (129/July02) (53/64/Oct02) (31/67/34/24poor/Aug03)
Spaniel (with lead in mouth)   (106/Sept02) (103/Jan04)
Spaniel 2nd Edition   (6poor/Nov02)
Squirrel   (10/9/8/20mint/July02)
Stag   (520/Jan03)
Swan Fraser Art (413/Oct02) (330/Dec02) (481/Aug03) (260/Jan04)
Terriers x 2   (21/27/Sept02) (12/Oct02) (12/Nov02) (17/Aug03)
Westland Highland Terrier   (41/Dec02) (25/Jan04)
Woodpecker   (10/Oct02)
Yorkshire Terrier 3rd Edition (6/Aug02)
Yorkshire Terrier 2nd Edition (15/Sept02) (1st and 2nd Edition sold for £25)
Yorkshire Terrier 1st Edition (18/Oct02) (21/Aug03)

Wren + BlueTit (2no models)     (1763/Jan04)

Wall Plaques and Ivorex

Afridi (15inch) GREEN TURBAN & SCARF - (125/Aug03) (33/Sept02) (16/Oct02) (19poor/Nov02) (28/Dec02) (41mint/20/Jan03) (30/Feb03) (18/Oct03)
Anenomies (12inch) (x2 with Ironwork surround 65/Feb03)  (21mint/Oct03)
Angelus Ivorex (25/Sept02)
Ann Hathaways Cottage  

(10/18/Sept02) (21/6/Oct02)

5x8 PLAQUE -  (6/Oct03)

6x8 ULTRA HIGH RELIEF - (5/Oct03)

Apple Blossom (12inch)   (150/Oct03)
Arrival (The)   (5/Aug03) (12/Jan04)
Art Galleries Glasgow   (310/Nov02) (376/Oct03)
Bantiff Springs Hotel (8 x5 inch)   (55/Jan04)
Berber (15inch) Nice Plaque (56/16not sold/Sept02) (36/Oct02) (34/Dec02) (47mint/Jan03) (21/Oct03)
Birds on Apple Blossom Blue Birds (78/Aug03)
Blue Tits & Cherry Blossom V Rare (316/Aug03)
Bowling Along Coach   (193/Sept02)
Brig O Balgowine (14 inch)   (35/49/Aug03)
Brig O Trossaghs  (10 inch)   (98/Jan04)
Buckingham Palace (Mini Plaque) (16/Nov02) (29/Aug03)
Burns Cottage  

(16/Sept02) (13/Oct02)

4 inch Plaque - (35/Jan04)

Camellia Plaque (10 inch)   (103/51/Jan04)
Charles Dickens (Bossons Ivorex)   (67good/Aug03)
Cherry Blossom   (119/Oct03) (46/jan04)
Chrysanthemum (14inch)   (18/Oct03)
Clovelly 2no versions (35/Oct02) (45/Aug03)
Cockington Forge (Devon)  

VERSION 1 - (43/Oct03)

VERSION 2 - (51/Oct03)

Conway Castle   (56/9/147Ivorex/Aug03)
Conquest of Everest   (232/Oct03) (373/107/Jan04)
Coronation Plaque 1953 (200/150/Aug03) (139/Jan04)

6 inch Plaque - (10/Jan04)

12 inch Plaque -

Daisies & Anemones (12inch)   (13/Oct03)
Daimler (Pottery) Automobile Plaque (21/Feb03) (22/Jan04)
Departure (The)   (32/Sept02) (18/Jan03) (14/Aug03)
Derwent Water & Skiddaw   (78/Jan04)
Eastgate Chester  


10 Inch Plaque - (31/Oct03) (16/Jan04)

12inch Plaque - (217/Aug03)

Edinburgh Castle   (4/Nov02) (12/10/Feb03) (7/26/Aug03)
Festive Holly & Ivy (12 inch)   (272/Jan04)
Floral Holly   (125/Nov02)
Flying Ducks Mallards (30/Oct02)
Fruit Plaque (2 versions) (14inch)  

(83/Jan03) (160/Oct03)

No 1 - (99/72/Jan04)

No 2 - (232/Jan04)

Gallop (In the Gallop)    (52/Feb03)
Geese   (32/Oct02)
Glad Hearts Ivorex 67/Sept02
Glamis Castle   (8/Feb03)
God Providence (Ivorex)   (41/Oct03)
Gretna Green   (42poor/Feb03) (60/Aug03)
Gypsy Caravan    (31/Dec02) (36/Oct03)
He Preyeth Best (12inch) (A set with Morning Carol) (19/Feb03) (41/Oct03) (47/Jan04)
Houses of Parliament (Mini Plaque) (19/Nov02)
In Full Cry (Hunting Scene 2)   (22/Jan04)
Irish Farmhouse   (39/Sept02)
Irish Jaunting Car   (46/Aug03)
John Wesley Plaque   (350/Jan04)
Kings College, Aberdeen   (46/Aug03)
Little Moreton Hall 14inch Plaque (30/Nov02)
Loch (At The)   (42/Aug03)
Loch Lomand & Ben Lomand 14inch Plaque (42/Aug03)
Lynmouth, Devon   (87/Feb03) (42/Aug03)
Mallards (2no Flying)   (18/Jan03)
Mallard (12inch Plaque) 2no Ducks Flying (112/Aug03)
Mallards (3no flying) 14.5 inch (17/Jan03)
Mare and Foal Horses (12/Feb03)
Market Day 14inch (28/78/Aug03)
Mayfair   (60/Oct03)
Morning Carol   (35/Aug03) (11poor/21/Oct03) (34/45/Jan04)
Narrows Loch (wall plaque)   (102/Oct03)
Native Scene in Rhodesia 4inch Plaque (183/Feb03)
Nursery Rhyme Plaques (£136 for 3no/Feb04)

Set of 3no - (156/Aug03)

Mary Mary - (40/Jan04)

Little Boy Blue - (57/Jan04)

Old English Inn   (28/Jan03) (25/Aug03)

14 inch - (17/Jan04)

Old English Manor House   (16/Nov02) (66/Oct03)
Old Irish  Cottage (8 x 6 inch)   (75/Jan04)
Old Smithy (The)   (63/Jan03)
Old Watermill   (34/Jan03)
Orchid   10INCH RECTANGULAR - (24/Oct03) (51/45/43/Jan04)
Pack Horse Bridge (Somerset)   (76/Nov02)
Pansies Plate 6inch (41/Aug03)
Parliament House, Canberra   (56/Jan04)
Poppies   (66/Feb03)
Renault Car (Pottery) Automobile Plaque (14/Sept02) (34/Feb03)
Robert Burns Birthplace   

(18/Sept02) (15/Oct02)

8 x 6 inch ULTRA HIGH RELIEF - (62/Oct03)

14 INCH - (63/Oct03)

Rococco (46/Rococco Poppies/Jan03) (60/Oct03)

(31/Nov02) (47/Jan03)

2no - (112/Aug03)

Rose 5inch (91/Aug03)
Panhard Car (Pottery) Automobile Plaque (34/Feb03)
Pheasants 14inch (41/Oct02) (42/Aug03) (15/Oct03) (43/67/Jan04)
Salisbury Cathedral   (16/Oct02) (22/Oct03)
Scabious & Cornflower (12inch)   (20/Oct03)
Scottie Plaque (Scotty Dog) "Good Luck Plaque" (42/Aug02) (45/Aug03)
Sentimental Mirror   (47/Jan03) (£138/SET of 3no/Feb03) (156mint/Jan04)
Sentimental Plaques (10 inch)  

RIGHT - (34/Jan03) (52/Jan04)  

LEFT - (34/Jan03) (56/Oct03)

Shakespeare's Birthplace 4 inch (35//Sept02) (Both for £969 ???)
Shakespeare Birthplace Ivorex (24/Sept02)
Shakespeare Birthplace 14inch (16/Aug03)
Ship Inn, Porlock   (226/Jan04)
Siddley Car (Pottery)   (14/Sept02) (32/Feb03)
Sioux   (34/Dec02) (76mint/Jan03) (80mint/Feb03)
Sleeping Beauty (1) Design 1 (on bed) Disney Plaque (460/Nov02)
Sleeping Beauty (2) Design 2 (walking) Disney Plaque (253/Nov02) (311/Jan03) (325/Feb03) (184/Jan04)
Springtime Flowers (12inch)   (28/Dec02) (102?/Oct03)
St Paul's Cathedral 4inch (21/Aug03)
St Paul's Cathedral (8x10inch) Ivorex (41/Oct03)
St Werburgh Street, Chester (10inch)   (5/Oct03)
Swallows & Laburum Rare (238/Aug03)
Swan Lake   (9poor/Oct02)
Tarrant Praying Boy   (58/Oct02)
The Great Zimbabwe (8 inch)   (350/Jan04)
Tower Bridge Ivorex


7x11 IVOREX - (41/Oct03)

Up-a-long Clovelly Up-a-long Clovelly and Down-a-long Clovelly sold for £163 as pair/Oct02  
Uploading the Boats 8 x 4inch (53mint/Aug03)
View from Central Park   (123/Aug03)
Village Post Office   (21/Jan03)
Village Pub   (50/Oct02) (31/Jan03)
Village Shop   (49/Jan03)
Wayside Inn   (95/Sept02)
Welsh Tea Party  

(13/Jan03) (25/Aug03)


10 INCH PLAQUE - (19/Oct03)

Westminster Abbey   (16/Nov02)

10 Inch Plaque - (14/Jan04)

Westward Ho Ship


VERSION 1 -  (40/Oct03)

VERSION 2 - (40/Oct03)

Wild Geese   (40/Oct02) (45/Aug03) (36/Oct03)
Windmill   (35/Sept02)
York (10 inch)   (23/Jan04)
York Minster 5.5 x 7.5inch (30/Feb03)
Zulu Chief (15inch)   (31/Sept02) (34/Dec02) (36/Aug03)



Aboriginal Scenes (£219 for the 3no Aboriginal Plaques/Feb03)

Fisherman - (39/38/Feb03)

Gunyah Group - (46/62/Feb03) (33/Jan04)

Father and Son - (39/36/20/Feb03)

African Mask

Mini African Masks



BULUBA - (£1000/Feb05)

IBO - (£460/Jun05)

IBO and BAULE - (Sold as pair £771/Jan05)

Blue Birds (3no)   (3no£92/Sept02)
Bali - Pottery   (31/46/Oct02) (36/Feb03) (53/Aug03)
Bullfighter (Modern Pottery) (50/reserve not met/Aug03) (101mint/112/88/178/Jan04)
Burmese - Pottery   (35/Oct02) (31/Nov02) (88/Feb03) (47/87/83/Aug03) (75/Oct03)
Capri - Pottery   (28/41/34/Sept02) (60?Oct02) (46/Jan02) (25/Feb03)
Geese Set (3no) (Set of 2no - (54/Aug03) (107/Dec02)

Ibo, Ibibio, Balube and Baule

See African Masks

Indian Dancer (Modern Pottery) (162/Dec02) (250/Sept02) (99/122/122/Aug03) (142/Jan04)
Javanese   (72/Jan03) (95/48/Feb03) (61/77/Aug03) (60/Oct03)
Liberian Dancer (Modern Pottery) (183/Dec02)
Mac (sitting with hat)

Mac No1 & No2 are the same model.

Mac No1 is Black.

Mac No2 is White.

Mac No1 : Black - (56/Oct02)

Mac No2 : White - (35/52Oct02)

Mac 2 (sitting with hat + raised paw)  

(31/Nov02) (78/Aug03)

Yellow Hat Version - (102/Jan04)

Mallards   (Only 2no£36/Sept02)
Mallards - 3no   (78/Nov02) (67/92/Aug03)
Patch 1 ( paw up) (all Patches have Brown right ear) (50/Oct02) (31/Nov02) (45/Aug03)
Patch 2 (lead in mouth)   (32/35/Nov02) (32/Feb03) (53/81/Aug03) (55/Jan04)
Patch 3 (newspaper)    (31/42/48/Nov02) (96/62/Aug03)
Pas De Quatre   (16/Nov02)
Pooch (sitting) Pooch No1 (all Pooches have a red collars) (77/31/Nov02)
Pooch (crouching with rear up) Pooch No2 (No2 is the Rarest Pooch) (186/Feb03) (291/Jan04)
Pooch (scratching behind ear) Pooch No3 (103??/Sept02) (31/Nov02)
Seagulls x 3   67/Sept02
Seagulls (Box Set of  3no) Black Headed Gulls (321mint/Feb03)(192/Jun05)
Spanish Dancer (Modern Pottery) MALE -  (50/reserve not met/Aug03) (122/Oct03) (67/Jan04)(114/Jun05)
FEMALE - (118mint/114/Jan04)(114/Jun05)
Swallows x 3   (112poor/chipped/Aug03)
Swan Lake   (12/Sept02) (28/Nov02)
Tubby (Garden Knome)   (410/Jun04)


Crown Collection

Bears and Bees   (125/Nov02) (100/112/Feb03) (56/66/62/Aug03) (139/Oct03)
First Course (Racoon)   (95/Oct02) (45/Aug03)
First Dip   (22/Sept02) (62/42/Feb03) (36/Aug03)
First Encounter (Hedgehog)    (26/22/Sept02) (45/Aug03)
First Friend (Badgers)   (56/Sept02) (53/Feb03) (24/Aug03)
First Home  (Beaver)   (31/30/Sept02) (31/Oct02) (53/48/Feb03) (37/31/Aug03)
First Neighbour (Squirrel)   (30/Sept02) (62/30/Feb03)
First Outing (Ducks)   (66/209??/Sept02) (40/37/Feb03) (47/Aug03)
First Venture (Mallard) Ducklings (30/Sept02) (29/Oct02) (47/Feb03) (31/Aug03)
Squirrel Scene   (28/Sept02)


Briar Rose

Alligator (285/Feb03)
Bruin Bear (17/Nov02) (38/Feb03) (16/10/Jan04)
Cairn Terrier (39/13/Feb03) (22/10fair/Aug03)
Cheshire Cat   (73/Aug03) (32/Oct03) (89/Jan04)
Donkey   (21/Aug03)
Elephant   (60/Jun05)
Fawn (63reserve not met/Feb03) (18/14/26/Aug03)
Frog (117reserve not met/Feb03) (78reserve not met/Aug03) (221/231/Jan04)
Giraffe   (61/154/Aug03) (72/94/Oct03) (113/jan04)
Hedgehog (33/53/Feb03) (16/Oct03)
Hippo x 2  (70/Nov02)
Hippo (Small) (31/Dec02) (25/Feb03) (32/Aug03)
Hippo (Large) (96/Dec02) (41/Feb03)
Jumbo   (92/Aug03)
Orangutan (31/Feb03) (40/Aug03)
Otter   (45/Aug03) (40/36/Jan04)
Owl (7/Dec02) (19/Feb03) (13poor/Aug03)
Pelican   (240/270/54/Jan04)
Penguin   (311/Aug03) (142/Jan04)
Pig   (78/Aug03) (106/227/41/Jan04)
Ruff (20/30/Feb03)
Scotty Dog (11/Oct02) (18/Aug03)
Shetland Pony   (13/18/15/17/Aug03)
Squirrel   (82/reserve not met) (101/41/Jan04)
Toucan (100 Not Sold/Aug02) (63/Oct02) (103/95/Feb03) (122/Aug02) (194/Oct03) (84/224/150/150/54/Jan04)
Two Woo   (24/Aug03)




Book Ends

Bird Bookends Goldfinches? (110/Oct02) (43/Oct03) (38/Jan04)
Fox   (16/Sept02)
Highwayman Bookends   (223/Jan04)
Shakespeare Cottages + Anne Hathaways Cottage   (55/Feb03) (40/Aug030


Clocks, Barometers & Thermometers

Lyre Clock Fraser Art (318/Dec02)
Compass Barometer Fraser Art


Gold Face - 283/Jan04)

Heraldic Barometer (Fraser)   (343/Jan04)
Moonglow (Sunburst)   (265/Jan04)
Pony Thermometer   (360/Oct03)
Sunburst Barometer   (310/Jan04)
Sunburst Clock  


Gold - (280Jun04)



Imagical World (Book 1) - Direct £34 incl post (£30) (65mint/Aug02) (41/44/Sept02) (41/40/38/38/48/30/44/Oct02) (38/Nov02) (44/Dec02) (46/36/Feb03) (37/47/38/39/73mint/66/33/Aug03) (63/40/32/Jan04)
Imagical World (Book 2) - Direct £63 incl post (£50) (108/Dec02) (94/95/Jan03) (92/Aug03) (103/Jan04)
Bossons B/W Pamphlet (2/3/Dec02)
Bossons Poster by Andrew Darvas - 56 Pictures - 1991/3000 (16/Dec02) (20/56/Jan04)
Boucher (1973) (5/Aug03)





Barn Owl (Fred Wright) 1986 (49/Aug03)

CLOWN 1 - (16/9/Oct03)

CLOWN 2 - (5/9/Oct03)

CLOWN 3 - (14/11/Oct03)

CLOWN 4 - (17/15/Oct03)

CLOWN 5 - (24/Oct03)

CLOWN 6 - (22mint/Oct03)

CLOWN 7 - (40/Jan04)

CLOWN 8 - (40/Jan04)

Crazy Horse (Fred Wright) 1984 (46mint/19/Feb03)
Little Owl   (33/Aug03)
Navajo (Fred Wright) 1984 (19mint/Feb03)
Owlets 2no Owlets (22/Aug03)
Sitting Bull Fred Wright (32/Aug03)
Snowy Owl   (38/Aug03)
Sparrow Hawk   (67/Aug03)
Tawny Owlets   (15/Aug03)





Indian Chieftain (42/100good/Oct03) (81/Jan04)  



Abdhul Lamp   (209/Aug03)
Afghan Lamp   (770/Jan04)
Bird Lamp 3no Sided (158/Aug03)
Boy Girl Lamp   (388?Aug05)
Chaka Lamp   (300/Jan04)
Coaching Days Lamp 3no Sided (163/130/Aug03) (180/Jan04)
Desert Hawk Lamp   (205poor/Jan04)
Hunting Scene Lamp 3no Sided (139/aug03)
Romany Lamp   (230/Jan04)(389/350/Jul05)
Stratford Pottery Lamp (Shakespeare Lamp) (127/Aug03)
Welsh Tea Party Lamp   (235fair/Aug03)



Goldfinch Mirror   (300/Aug03)
Italian Mirror   (94/Oct03)
Oval Plain   (90/Jun04)
Rose Spray Mirror   (84/Jan04)
Sentimental Flowers   (110/100/Jan04)


Buffalo Bill Cody   (46/27/41/Jan04)
Canadian Mountie   (46mint/Jun04)
Paratrooper   (19/Jan04)
Pochantas   (39/Jun04)