Fake Bossons (1)

It is important to be aware that fake Bossons do exist and obviously there is little value to such copied pieces.

Most fake Bossons are fairly easy to identify through the lack of detail, poor painting and by looking at the back of the model. Studying the examples below will give you some idea of what to look for in a fake Bossons. Most fakes that are produced by individuals are of a poor quality and easy to identify.

Be warned though that there are a number of more accurate copies that can be difficult to identify. These Bossons are often factory produced from third world Countries. See the examples below with the yellow background. The discerning eye can notice the differences, but it is more difficult.

On a positive note though, fakes are not that common and the majority of Bossons that you see on website such as Ebay are original. Just be aware that fakes do exist and then hopefully you will not get lumbered with one coming your way. If you study the photographs below it will give you some idea of what to look for in a copied Bossons.

Identifying the majority of fakes is fairly easy.       

A large number of fakes have been produced of the 'Military Masks' and 'Harry Wheatcroft'.


The Arrival

Interesting 8 inch copy of this plaque in white vitreous china. Considerable work would have gone into producing this copy.

Photos supplied by James Collar

Genuine Version (14 inch Bossons plaque)


The model on the left is a Fake. This could easily fool the unaware purchaser.

Fake Version

Genuine Version

Here we have a selection of Bossons and other chalkware heads. They are all fakes and this is best illustrated by looking at the backs of the models.

(double click on the Photographs to enlarge)


The back of this piece is a complete give away, clearly not a Bossons



The lack of detail and the back clearly identifies this model as a Bossons fake


Mass reproduced Fakes

These fake reproductions were all manufactured by the same supplier. Some of these model have been quite accurately reproduced, particularly the Fraser Art pieces.     

Fakes produced by this supplier include -  Pathan, Gorilla Group, Sir Henry Morgan, Bush Baby, Koala, Cocker Spaniel, Alsatian, Labrador, Basset Hound, Chef, Eagle, Robins Nest.



Copied model made of plaster, the original being a pottery product. This model has been professionally painted to a high standard. What really gives it away is the lack of detail on the hat.

Fake Version (click to enlarge)

Pottery_-Capri0.jpg (8437 bytes)

Genuine Version (click to enlarge)




Indian Chief

There are quite a number of these black 'Indian Chiefs' for sale in the UK.

Gypsy Girl in the same black finish

Harry Wheatcroft

There are quite a number if fake copies of this model. Just look at the lack of detail in the face, and the back of this model clearly identifies this as a fake.

Harry Wheatcroft (cont)

Jock & Clipper Captain


Jock fake

Clipper Captain fake

Buccaneer & Pathan

As with most fakes, just look at the back. Clearly not a Bossons


I am not quite sure what has happened here. Certainly unusual.

Boxer fake

Poodle Plaque

This is a copper wall plaque using the Bossons Poodle image. The Poodle actually has 'Bossons 1968' written on the bottom with a join through so that the word Bossons does not join up property.

The manufactures label on the back reads 'Wildlife in Copper'

The plaque measure 9inches x 4 3/4inches


Pony Girl

Quite an interesting Fake reproduction

You can see from the back that this is definitely not a Bossons

(Note - This model was sold as a Fake).

(click to enlarge)


With the rarer yellow Turban. The poor painting and back clearly indicates that this is a fake.

Unpainted Fakes

Fake Bossons copies that have yet to be painted  

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