Heritage of England

The majority of this Heritage information was kindly supplied by Scott C.



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Heritage of England - There is very little information on the Heritage company    


Heritage Brochure


Identifying Heritage Products - Most of the Heritage Products are not named so identification is difficult. Some of the designs were similar to Bossons (ie - Eskimo and Bluetits). Their models lacked the detail of Bossons products. Heritage mainly produced heads, figurines, animals and lamps. Their pieces did come with a swing tag similar to Bossons.


The backs of Heritage models came with a recessed wire hanger and small square cut out similar to 'Bossons', or the same recessed wire with a round hole below as shown in the photographs below.



Samuri backs

Eskimo backs


A number of the Heritage products appear to use similar faces with maybe an added a hat, beard or clothing to create a different model. Examples of this are shown in the following photographs where the actual face is very similar on all three models.




The Heritage company was based in Congleton and later moved to Stoke on Trent in England.


"Home is Where the Heart Is"

 5 inch Plaque

"Lovers Lane"

5 inch Plaque



Mouse Cottage

Bookends. Approx 9 inches high. Marked on the corner of the house is Heritage, Congleton




American Eagle Potter

Similar to Naturecraft piece

Photographer St. Squeeks Church
Swallows Tree House

Heritage, Congleton England is written on the side of this model. Measures 8 inches high, 7 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep.




American Footballer  Arab
American Indian Skipper (Boatman)

(Photograph supplied by Anthony Ball)

Chicken George Calypso

(Photograph supplied by Anthony Ball)


No name on this model like many of the other Naturecraft products. The dimension are 5 3/4 high x 4 1/2.

Notice the small rounded melon hole as opposed to the square hole that is on other models. Does the back tell us which are the older models. Could it be the squared ones are the older models, or maybe the later ones. We do know that these heads have (up to now) two different backs, square hole or round hole.

Bossons has the similar looking 'Coolie' and Naturecraft has a similar 'Ming Yin' and Heritage unknown so far....

Highwayman Eskimo

(Photograph supplied by Anthony Ball)

Yokel Tibetan

(Photograph supplied by Scott C)

Henry VIII USA Army
Mexican Bandit

Some aspects of this model are similar to the Bossons 'Pancho' (Bossons Pancho is shown on the right)

Mexican Bandit

Mexican Bandit (back)

Lifeboatman Gypsy

Canadian Mountie

Later product with a different flat back and staple type hanger


A very rare model


(Photograph supplied by Scott C)

Robin Hood
Sikh Sally Annie

(Photograph supplied by Scott C)