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2nd Annual Meeting


Saturday 15th August 2009

Lion & Swan Hotel, Congleton, England




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The 2nd European Bossons Meeting 2009 and what a day!!!


The 2nd European Bossons meeting took place on the 14th August 2009 at the Lion & Swan pub, Congleton and what a day it was !!!!




Before I start this article it needs to be said that Val & Martin Chapmen took us on a roller coast ride to create one of the most wonderful and memorable occasions that any Bossons collector could ever have imagined.  


The day started quietly with a few of us sat in a spacious conference room thinking was this all going to happen and was anybody actually going to attend?… Martin & Val were looking apprehensive and there was a certain quietness about the room.

The meeting was scheduled to start at 12.00 noon when a few welcome guests arrived, thank goodness. Quiet banter started amongst the attendees and Martin & Val’s greatest hope was that maybe a Bossons paintress would attend which would certainly liven up the whole occasion. They had put a lot of effort in trying to contact ex-paintresses but with limited success and no firm commitments. The room slowly began to fill with delegates and everybody was beginning to feel more comfortable and relaxed and then it happened; two Bossons paintresses arrived! Excitement filled the room and the ladies were greeted with celebrity status and they had even brought some Bossons to sell. What more could we ask of this now pleasant occasion. Well, we did get more, because another paintress arrived and then another and suddenly there appeared to be more paintresses in the room than there were IBCS members, in fact one paintress jokingly said she though they were starting to out number the IBCS members. The room became electrified with excitement as paintresses discussed and exchanged information with the attendees. We were all on information overload and paintresses were signing and selling Bossons that they had actually painted. Paintresses photograph albums appeared that had been taken while at the factory. There was just so much going on and it was difficult to know where to turn and what conversation to best get involved with and to make it even better the paintresses were having a wonderful time with their newly found celebrity status. Anyone “in that room on that day” will never forget the occasion and as a Bossons collector it was an uplifting experience that will not be forgotten.



The lovely Bossons Paintresses


But of course there was more to come and the excitement continued as one of the paintresses started unloading a box of Bossons ‘Garden Gnomes’ most of which had never been seen by any of the Bossons community. In Bossons terms these pieces were priceless. An immediate bidding war started but the seller then decided that it may be best if she delayed the sale until a more appropriate time as the pieces were worth slightly more than she had ever imagined.



The full set of very rare Bossons ‘Garden Gnomes’


Julia Davenport of Congleton Museum helped to arrange the proceedings and we were then given a presentation from Lyndon Murgatroyd (a local historian) on the history of the Bossons Factory which proved to be very interesting. Next on the agenda was a trip to Congleton Museum to have our photographs taken and view the Bossons exhibits. Then it was onto the Bossons Factory where Julia Davenport had kindly arranged access into the grounds for the Bossons delegates, and all of this in one day, and what wonderful a day it was!!!



Paintresses hold up the original Bossons Factory sign now at Congleton Museum



Some of the attendees outside of Congleton Museum



Little Morton Hall (photograph taken 15th August 2009)


Some of the delegates stayed over night until the following day and then it was off to the car boot sales to hunt for more Bossons or for a trip to Little Morton Hall. Some even decided to try and locate Fred Wright’s gravestone.


The 2nd European Bossons meeting was an absolute success with over 60 attendees and international visitors from Canada and Greece. Congratulations are the order of the day for Val & Martin Chapman for organising this imagical occasion and Martin has already booked the same hotel (Lion & Swan, Congleton, England) for next year’s event scheduled for the 7th August 2010.




Historic Booking Details


The meeting will be held at the Lion & Swan Hotel, Congleton

'Room Rates' for those who wish to stay overnight - Single £50, Standard Twin/Double £60, Executive Double £70 with all rooms newly refurbished (some will be staying on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th August, while others may just stay for the Saturday night). Plenty of free parking at the Hotel and locally   


Lion & Swan Hotel

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CW12 1AH

Tel - 01260 273115

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The European Bossons Collectors Group is an informal gathering of friends and family that meets once a year somewhere in Europe. We normally have a two day event and cover all the important agenda items that were brought up at the Annual IBCS Meeting.  We invite anyone who is interested in Bossons (Character Masks, Plaques, Pottery, Lamps etc.),  Fraser Art, and Ivorex (Osborne or Bossons) to please come and enjoy good food, times and friendships.  - Martyn and Val


You do not need to be a member of the IBCS to attend this meeting, all are very welcome


Contact Persons:  Martyn and Val Chapman

Martyn and Val Chapman

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Tel. 01206 230816


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