Legend Cowboys & Indians

Buffalo Bill Cody

By Fred Wright 1984

Crazy Horse

By Fred Wright 1984

Legend__-_Crazy_Horse_1984_by_Fred_Wright.jpg (11459 bytes)    
Custer - Lt Col George Custer

By Fred Wright 1984

Little Wolf

 'Made in England' in 1995 and signed by Jan Bettany

Mexican Bandit    


You can just see the  'Made in England'  logo on the base  

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Sitting Bull

By Fred Wright 1984

Legend Products of England "Sitting Bull" chalkware head.  It was produced in 1984 by Fred Wright, the original sculptor for the company from 1954 thru 1986.

An accurate image of John Wayne. Copy write could not be obtained so the model was called 'Westerner'.