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Jack Duckworth Jack Limited Ed

(The green Jester is rarer)

Photograph of the green Jester kindly supplied by James C.

Three different colour variations of the Jester. The green model was only available to the collectors club hence this being a rarer piece.

Jenny Jones Judge

(Grey & Red versions). Inscribed 'Legend Lane' and 'Made in England'. Initialled FW for Fred Wright.


Early Legend

(Photograph supplied by Anthony Ball)


There appears to be 4no versions of Jock where as the original "Legend List" suggests there is only 3no. The 4 tooth version being the fourth model.

Four tooth version of Jock

Back of 'Judge' with triple hooks as model is very heavy. 


(Photograph supplied by Anthony Ball)


(Photograph supplied by Anthony Ball)


(1st Version). Maker 'Made in England'