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Madame Pompadour Maid Marian

Maga Tipica Del Las Islas Canarias.

Modelled by Fred Wright and initialled FW


Rarity - Rare

Matador (early Legend model) Matador

This is an very early Legend head called Matador which is listed 1947-1955. The back has the very early Legend sticker with the dragon and reads Genuine Hand Painted Legendware, Made in England  Legend Products Newbridge Lane Stockport Cheshire. The hanger is a wire loop which is imbedded into the top of the head same as the Afro - Caribbean Woman circa 1947-55.

Mark Anthony Mexican
Merlin Limited Ed Mine Host
Mountie Mr Bumbles
Mr Pickwick (1st Version)


Mr Pickwick (2nd Version)
Mr Macawber

(Photograph supplied by Anthony Ball)

Mark Anthony

(Photograph supplied by Scott C) 

Minehost (Version 1)

(Photograph supplied by Anthony Ball)


(Photograph supplied by Anthony Ball)



Mould date 1990. Two different colour variations

Fairly Rare.


From the same mould as the Cossack Marauder, but without the horse

The back of this piece appears to read Mr Mica (Mr Micawber)?