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Old Salt Old Salt (1st Version)

(photograph kindly supplied by Anthony Ball)


Oriental Girl (1949 to 1950)

The Oriental series was produced in the late 40's and early 50's. There were at least 7 different heads (Oriental Geisha Lady, Oriental Chinese Man, Oriental Lady 2 etc though not sure in which order).

This model has "Published by Legends Products" written on the bottom which is very unusual for wording for Legend. The top has the old wire loop hanger and the back is flat and painted dark brown similar to the early Spanish Woman and Matador. This model does not have the Legend with dragon sticker. She measures 6 inches high by 3 3/4" at her widest head wear.
Oriental Man


Oriental Woman
Geisha Lady Geisha Man
Oliver Twist

(photograph kindly supplied by Anthony Ball)

Oliver Hardy and Oliver Hardy Black & White