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RFC Pilot Robert Burns
Robin Hood (1st version is on the left) Robinson Crusoe

Club Members only edition. Inscribed Legend Products, Made in England 1994 and signed by Jan Bettany

Romany Rogue (1st Version)

(Photograph supplied by AB)

9 inches high

Romany Rogue (2nd Version)


6 inches high

Romany Rogue (3rd Version) Romany Rogue (1st & 2nd Versions)
Richard the Lionheart


(Photograph supplied by Scott C)

Royal Marine
Rajah (very old piece)

The 1st & 2nd versions of Rajah are almost identical except the 1st is a slimmed down version & much lighter in weight. Together you can easily tell the difference.

(Photograph supplied by AB)

1st and 2nd Editions