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Sairey Gamp Seafarer and Collectors Club Seafarer with red hat

Sergeant Buzz Fuzz?

Height 6 inches, Stamped "Made in England"

This model was probably from the early Dickens collection.

Ship Captain 4ins
Sherlock Holmes Sitting Bull

There were a number of paint variations for this model

Sikh (1st Edition)

5 inches high

Sikh (2nd Edition)

6 1/2 inches high.


The photograph to the right shows a comparison of sizes between the 1st & 2nd Edition.

Sikh (3rd Edition) Skipper
Sir Walker Raleigh


(Photograph supplied by Scott C)

Stan Laurel and Stan Laurel Black & White    

1955 to 1956

Stan Ogden Shakespeare (rare)

(Photograph supplied by Anthony Ball)

Sheik? Sally Webster (Coronation Street)
Sam Weller?

(Photograph supplied by Anthony Ball)

Sherlock Holmes (1st Version)

(Photograph supplied by Anthony Ball)

Sandal Maker?

(Photograph supplied by Anthony Ball)

Sherlock Holmes (2nd Version)
Spanish Woman (or Espana)

Early head. Looks to be made in the same era as Matador circa 1947-55. The back has the same Legend Products sticker as the Matador and Afro Caribbean type lady. Her hanger wire loop is also the same.