Modellers and Employees



(In 1981/82 there were 112 people working at the Bossons Factory)


Bossons were often initialled by the Modeller


Paintress Markings (Click Here)



Mr W H Bossons

Mrs W Ray Bossons

Mrs W R (Ruth) Bossons

Ann Waltho


Ray Bossons at with his Office Desk. Photos either side are more recent pictures of the acquired desk (click to enlarge)



Full Time Modellers

Mr Ray Bossons

1948 to 1952 -  Doris Conliffe (first full time modeller, responsible for most of the scenic plaques including the 14, 12 and 10 inch. Most of these were in the 1948/49 catalogue)

1952 - Alice Wilde (later left Company due to illness, produced the Aboriginal Plaques)

1971 and rejoined again in 1977 - 1996 Alice Brindley (was Alice Wilde - retuned to Company. After 1977 she produced Koalas, Pandas, Lemur, all 7no Crown Collection and Bretonne Lady)

1957 to 1977 Fred Wright (developed the first character well masks, later worked for Legend Products)

Mr W K Harper (modelled Jock, Paddy, Chef and some of the Copper Collection)

1959 - Stefan Czarnota (tiny Tots series + some pottery figures


Freelance Modellers

1956 - Mr Kaposvary ("Bowling Along" and "At the Wayside Inn")

1958 - Mrs Patricia Easterbrook (Roberts - American Floral Designer - designed Sentimental Flowers and matching mirrors).

1959 - Colin Melbourne  (Modern Pottery wall figures, Spanish Dancer, Indian Dancer, Liberian Dancer, Bullfighter and Jazz shelf ornaments)

1960 - Miss Margaret Tarrent (He Prayeth Best and Morning Carol)

1961 - Walt Disney Studios (Franchise for the Disney Plaques)

1964 - Mr Axel Amuchastegui (South American - Raccoon, Chipmunks

1965 - Mr Basil Ede (drawings for the Ring Tailed Lemur)

1966 - Johnathon Kenworthy (Fighting Cocks)

1965 - Miss Kay Nixon Blundell (contributed drawings for Owlet, Squirrel and Bush Baby. 

Mr E Woollen (of Turnstall)

Mr Sydney Machin


Paintress in 1947

Marie Robinson, Loan Upton, Marie Boote, Barbara Cotterill, Mrs Moss


Later Paintress

Moira Davies


Employees in 1947

Mr Bowers

Harold Allen

Ron Clegg

John Beech

Ken Potts (Head Moulder)

Terry Simcock

Jim Bromley

Packaging and Shipping

Sylvia Byram

Mrs Thelma Beech


Later Employees

Roy Barnett

Fred Hopley

Veronica Dzik

Sylvia Byram


Mavis Booth





W Ray Bossons = WRB

Alice W Brindley = AWB (used 1977 to 1982 and aB used from 1983)

Fred Wright = FW



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(All of the following Paintresses had their own marking or initials which were placed on the back of the Bossons piece that they were painting)


Link to Paintress Markings (Double Click Link)


P Austin

P Barlow

Phylis Brightwell

Eileen Brown

A Burton

T Billington

G Brocklehurst

Edith Bullock - Gnomes

C A Carnagie

Cynthia Charlesworth (Supervisor)

C Copestick

J Cliffe

P Cook

S Clegg

Marie Clowes - Painted Lord of the Desert, Paddy, Desert Hawk, Corsican

M Davies

L Hardy

Kathleen Hulme (later married name Kathleen Mawby) - Painted Disney Plaques

S Ikin

G Jones

L Lomas

K Murry

D Moores

E Nixon (Beth) - Painted Mozart, Anne Bol, Cath Aragon

L Nolan

C Oultram

J Powrie

B Proudlove

Barbara Potts (wife of Ken Potts)

P Robinson

J Smith

P Steele

J Walton

S Watson

A Whitehurst

R Williams

Sandra Wootton

Hilda Wright (Mother to Lou Lou & Lorraine Wright)

Lou Lou Wright 1982-1988 (LJW) - Painted Beefeater, Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle, Dun Pony, Fenix Fox

Lorraine Kay Hardy (was Lorraine Wright) - Painted Foxcubs, Lifeboatman, Chef


Bossons Employees Reunion Reunion 2003

Pictured are: front row, left to right: Sandra Wooten, Name Unknown, Carol Copestick, Elaine Eaton, Frances Ball, Hilda Wright, Mary Wilcox and Sue Aiken. Second row, seated left to right: Name Unknown, Betty Plant, Sylvia Byram, Audrey Bailey, Jean Archer, Mavis Booth, Dorothy Condliffe, Alma Burton, and Thelma Beech. Top row, standing left to right: Name Unknown, Barbara Potts, Name Unknown, Jim Porter, (the next six ladies were unidentified), Ken Potts, Tina Billingston, (the next five individuals were unidentified), Angela Hodginson, Bert Condliffe, Janet Smith, Name Unknown, Lynne Morrey, Joyce Jackson and Pauline Williams.