Shellcraft Productions Ltd

Made in England

Hand made and hand painted chalkware. The company mainly produced chalkware plaques. Based in Blackpool, England

Shellcraft Productions Ltd was registered as company on the 13th June 1950. The business is now dissolved

Registered address at the time was: 71 Garstang Road, Preston, Lancashire PR1 1LB


Examples of "Shellcraft Productions Ltd"

White Horse Close Inn in Edinburgh.

Plaque measures 11x13cm


Clovelly, Devon

14 inch plaque

Example - 7 x 6 inches


Milton Cottage - Old England Series

36cm diameter . Porcell Ware

Cathedral Close Winchester

6 inch plaque

Ship, Porlock

13 inch plaque

Olde York and Sulgrave Manor

From the Olde England Miniature Series. Measures 12.5cm wide.


Bath Abbey

5.75 inch

Shellcraft Mirror - Por-Cel Ware

43.2 x 29.5cm

Shambles in York