Brook Mills site History

Late 1700's - George and William Reade acquired land (Stonehouse Green)

1835 - Reade brothers built third seven story mill for power weaving of silk., George Reade died in 1835, William continued to run the business until 1852.

1835 to 1845 - A fourth mill was added

1852 - Issac and Edward Solly became part owners.

1913 - King George V and Queen Mary visited Congleton and were presented with a piece of woven silk made by Reade and CO at Brook Mills

1929 - The business flourished until 1929 when after Issac Solly's death it was placed in the hands of the receivers.

1930 - George and Jack Banks purchased the Mills and let them to a various businesses.

1941 to 1972 - Folks Ltd (Folkspeare Ties) occupied 3no floors of the seven storey Mill.

1946 - W H Bossons occupied part of the Mill.

1996 - Bossons eventually purchased the whole Mill and traded until 1996.

1996 to 2004 - The Mill then remained empty until March 2004 when redevelopment works started with the new owners.