European Bossons Collectors Group


5th Annual Meeting


Saturday 11th August 2012

Lion & Swan Hotel, Congleton, England, CW12 1AH


Yet again the ‘European Bossons Collectors Group Meeting’ turned out to be a fabulous occasion. Numbers were up again on last year with an estimated 70 attendees with international visitor in the form of Don & Barbara Hardisty and Scott and Joyce Cornelia from the USA and Dennis Lince from Canada.

As always the meeting was full of surprises with more rare and unusual pieces appearing and there was a good attendance by Bossons Paintressess and ex employees. The array of Bossons for sale was exceptional and an auction was held for some of the more sought after pieces.

We also had a ‘Rarity Table’ which was a new venture where delegates could display some of their rarer or unusual pieces, which created significant interest and banter.  

Highlights of the event included Don Hardisty presentation and DVD movie ‘Rosa Travels the Imagical World of Bossons’ which was very well received and there was a brilliant painting demonstration by Cynthia Charlesworth and Phyllis Brightwell.

Thanks also go Julia Davenport for her absolute un-ending support and contributions to this event and to James Collar for the raffle which raised a significant sum in support of the cause and for the help provided from Jobie McPartland and Paul Edwards. Hoists for the event Martyn and Val Chapman again provided us with a fabulous event that will be remembered for many years to come and we can only thank them for their massive effort and commitment to this event and the Bossons Society.

Next years meeting is scheduled for the 10th August 2013 at the Lion & Swan Congleton, UK. Early reservation is recommended and to book direct with the Hotel mentioning the Bossons meeting and not via the internet as they cannot offer discounted prices through third parties.


The keen eye will certainly spot a few rarer and unusual Bossons pieces on this table



The ‘Press Photographer assembles delegates in readiness for the group photographs which will be featured in the local newspaper


Bossons Paintressess and employees assemble for their group photograph



Ex-paintress Phyllis Brightwell (pictured) and Cynthia Charlesworth provides delegates with an excellent painting demonstration


This clock came direct from ex-employee Barbara Potts home and was auction at the meeting


In separate lots, not one put three candle stick holders appeared at the meeting and were all confirmed as genuine Bossons products by the ex-employees, as there were no definitive Bossons marking on these pieces.


 Scott Cornelia holding a very rare Gamekeeper. As far as we are aware this is the only painted model in existence