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Afghan Hound (Series 3)

 'Dogs of Distinction Series'. Produced 1969 to 1978. Height 5.75 inches. There are no Series I or 2 editions. There appears to be two colour variations, one with a lighter face and darker lower parts.


Rarity - Fairly Available











Alligator See the "Briar Rose" section    

Alsatian (Series 2)

 Note - There was no Series 1 Alsatian. Produced 1962  to 1969. Height 4.75 inches.


Rarity - Common











Series II



Alsatian (Series 3)

'Dogs of Distinction Series'. Produced 1969  to 1979. Height 6.25 inches.


Rarity -  Very Common











Series III (Dogs of Distinction Series)

American Bald Eagle

Fraser Art - Produced 1983  to 1969. Sculpted by W R Bossons. Width 22  inches. This  is the largest bird model produced by Bossons and is very impressive piece of modelling. The 'Fraser Art' Eagle, American Bald Eagle and Osprey form a set.


Rarity - Fairly Rare












American Bald Eagle

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