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See Pottery Products - Pottery Wall Vase product that forms part of the "National Head Masks" set.    


See 'Pas de Quartre' and 'Swan Lake'.    

Baluba (No 4)

See Pottery Products - Forms a part of the "Miniature African Mask" series.    
Bare Arm Cheyenne See Cheyenne    


Produced 1988 to 1996. Sculpted by Alice Brindley. Height 5.25 inches. There is a Special Painted Edition that was handed out to attendees of the 1991 IBCS Meeting in California. This model has blue tie, brown hat and grey jacket.


Rarity - Fairly Available











Bargee and Special Painted Bargee

Barge (no pipe)

Very Rare version with no pipe.


Rarity - Extremely Rare












Baule (No 2)

See Pottery Products - Forms a part of the "Miniature African Mask" series.    


Version 2. Produced 1983 to 1996. Series A Composite. This is the more common version. Blue in the centre of the Crown and all silver medals.


Rarity - Fairly Available











Version 2


Version 2


Version 2



Version 1. Produced 1966. Series A Composite. This is a much rarer model has a hollow back, the centre of the Crown is painted red and the 2no far right Medals are gold in colour. Both models were sculpted by Fred Wright and are 6 inches high. Usual markings are "Bossons  England World Copyright Reserved" on the back. The underside is usually marked "Beefeater (Yeoman of the Guard) 1966 Bossons England


Rarity - Very Rare











Beefeater_rare_hollow_back1.jpg (9903 bytes)

Version 1

From the 'Regal and Traditional Collection' which includes Beefeater, Welsh Lady, King Henry VII, Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn and Guardsman.


Version 1



Rarity - One of the Rarest











Model 1 - Photograph  kindly supplied by Dennis L in Canada

Model 2 - KE/UK

Model 2              (with similarly inscribed Bossons)


Produced 1970. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 10.5 inches. 'Series A' Composite. This model came in 2no versions, with 3 and 5 stripes to the head dress. The five stripe version is older sometimes with a protruding rectangular wire mount and smaller recess. The newer three strip version always has the recessed wall hanger mount. There is also a version with no recessed back.


Rarity - One of the rarest. 











5no Stripes on head dress. Photo on the right is from 'National Geographic' magazine

Bengali.jpg (5159 bytes)Bengali1.jpg (5310 bytes)

3 Stripes version

We are told there where only 50 Bengali models produced because of the difficulties in paint this piece. In reality there were certainly more than 50 produced, but this still a rare model that is sought after by collectors

3no Stripes version


Bengali was a soldier from the crack lancer regiment of the Bengali Army in India

Bengali (cont)

The earlier 5 stripes version was discontinued because it was too difficult to paint and was replaced with simpler 3 strip version 5 & 3 Stripe Versions

Bengali_5stripe.jpg (19827 bytes)Bengali_5stripe_back.jpg (13665 bytes)

5no Stripes on head dress

5 Stripes version

 5 Stripes version

Betsey Trotwood

Version 1 : Produced 1964 to 1970. Both versions sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 5.5 inches. Forms part of the 10no 'Charles Dickens Series Composites'.


Rarity - Common











Betsey3_Trot.jpg (6613 bytes)Betsey_Trot_back_-_1964.jpg (8807 bytes)

Version 1   

From "David Copperfield", 1849 to 1850. Betsey Trotwood is David Copperfields Aunt.   





Betsey Trotwood

Version 2 : Produced 1981 to 1969, this model has a pink blouse.

Bill Sikes

Produced 1964 to 1996. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 5.5 inches. Forms part of the 10no 'Charles Dickens Series Composites'.


Rarity - Common











Bill_Sikes3.jpg (12319 bytes)Bill_Sykes.jpg (9701 bytes)

Bill_sikes3_-_back.jpg (13000 bytes)

From Oliver Twist, 1837 to 1839. Bill Sikes was a thief and burglar.

Bill_Sikes.jpg (21994 bytes)


Produced 1993 to 1996. Sculpted by W R Bossons. Height 5 inches.


Rarity - Fairly Available











Infamous Pirate Captain who was born in Bristol, England and who dresses entirely in black. His real name was Edward Teach. Blackbeard was killed in a battle on 22nd Nov 1718. His treasures are rumoured to be still buried.

Blackbeard_-_Back.jpg (14148 bytes)


Produced 1967 to 1996. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 5.5 inches. Series B Composite.

Special Painted Model - This model has  a red collar and was given to all attendees of the 1994 IBCS convention in St Louis, Missouri. Rarity - Rare


Rarity - Common











Boatman (Special Painted)

Special Painted Version Boatman has a red collar and was roduced for the Bossons Society 1994 annual meeting. It was giving to all members that attended. Some were released after this meeting.


Rarity - Rare











Special Painted Version

Special Painted Version

Boatman_red_collar.jpg (5858 bytes)

Special Painted Version

Boatman (with PIPE)

Boatman with a pipe. An extremely rare version.

2no known examples



Rarity - The Rarest












Model 1 - This model has a more modern flat back and right eye is slightly wider. Sourced from UK, model now in US (SC)

Model 1 - Detailed photographs of pipe

Model 2 - This model has an older recessed back with narrower right eye. Sourced from the New York area in USA. Model now in the UK (KE)

Boatman (Colour & Eye Variations)

Examples of various Boatman models showing colour and eye differences

'Eye' observations on the following photographs - The right eyes have a partial squint on the first two common models. The specially painted model has a slightly more open squint and the eyes are painted brown, where as all the other editions have blue eyes. The pipe version has his eye wider open than all the others

Boy and Girl Lamp See Lamps    

Brettonne Lady 

Produced 1984 to 1992. Sculpted by Alice Brindley. Height 5.5 inches. Series B Composite. Later versions have a paler face.


Rarity - Fairly Common











 Bretonne_Lady6.jpg (8887 bytes)

Brettone_Lady6.jpg (9325 bytes)Brettonne_Lady_Back.jpg (7111 bytes)


Fraser Art - Produced 1972  to 1977. 13x11 inches. Forms a set with Rodeo.


Rarity - Rare 











Bronco_1972_-_77.jpg (14274 bytes)

Bronco77.jpg (8418 bytes)



Produced 1966 to 1996. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 7.5 inches. Wall Figurine Composite. A Buccaneer is a Pirate or Privateer from the  West Indies


Rarity - Common












See Pottery Products - Modern Pottery Wall Figure.    

Burmese Woman

Produced 1961 to 1962. Height 7.5 inches. Series B Composite. This is the wall mask version made of gypsum. There is a similar 'Burmese Woman' Pottery Wall Vase.


Rarity - Rare











The gypsum model has eyes open whereas the Pottery version has eyes closed

Burmese44.jpg (5243 bytes) Burmese33.jpg (4730 bytes)Burmese_back.jpg (4299 bytes)

Burmese Woman

Pottery Product

See Pottery Products - Pottery Wall Vase product that forms part of the "National Head Masks" set.



Alice Brindley was given this model in 1953 by Mr. Ray Bossons. He stands close to 4 1/2" tall and is made of pottery. There are no Bossons markings on him. Bossons at the time thought to make a series of five or six prototypes of various occupations. There is no record of these other occupations.


Rarity - The Rarest











See the similar 'Tiny Tots' series  


Produced 1996 only. One of the last models to be made by Bossons


Rarity - The Rarest