B - Animals & Birds

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Baby Doll & Mighty Midget See Gorilla Group    
Baby Squirrel See 'First Neighbour' (Squirrel) -

Fraser Art -  Limited Edition 'Crown Collection' Series.


Badger & Hedgehog

Produced 1991  to 1996. Sculpted  by Alice Brindley. Height 9 inches.


Rarity - Fairly Rare











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Badger See First Friend (Badger) in the 'Crown Collection' Series    
Bald Eagle See American Bald Eagle    

Bassett Hound (Series 3)

'Dogs of Distinction Series'. There are no Series I and 2 models. Produced 1969  to 1996. Height 5 inches.


Rarity - Common











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Bear See the "Bruin the Bear" in "Briar Rose" section    
Bear See Bears and Bees from the 'Crown Collection' Series    
Beaver See First Home (Beaver) in the 'Crown Collection' Series    
Bird Lamp See Lamps    
Birds & Sunflower

Wild Life Series Composite. Produced 1996  to 1970. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Width 7 inches.

Rarity - Rare

Birds_and_Sunflower.jpg (11432 bytes) Birds_and_Sunflowers8.jpg (10292 bytes)  

Bird of Paradise

Fraser Art Copper Collection  - Produced 1969  to 1970. Height 15 x 18 inches wide. Sold for $55 in the 1976 catalogue.


Rarity - Extremely Rare











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Black Labrador  See Labrador    
Black Panther

Wild Life Series Composite. Produced 1964  to 1967. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Width 16 inches. Also see 'Golden Puma'.

Rarity - Fairly Rare

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See Pottery Products    
Blue Tits

Wild Life Series Composite. Produced 1968  to 1996. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 5 inches.

Rarity - Common

Blue_Tits_55.jpg (6263 bytes)    
Blue Tit (gypsum)

This is a pre-production chalk model which was probably made prior to the manufacture of the Fraser Art Crown Collection PVC creation.

Rarity - The Rarest











Blue Tit See 'Crown Collection' series    

Boxer (Series 1)

The rarest Boxer, facing right.  The Series 1 has no collar. Produced 1959 to 1961. Height 4.5 inches.


Rarity - Fairly Rare











Boxer Dog (Series 2)

The Series 2 has no collar. Produced 1962  to 1969. Height 3.75 inches.


Rarity - Fairly Common











Series 2 with No Collar


Boxer Dog (Series 3)

'Dogs of Distinction Series'. Series 3  has collar. Series 1 and 2 have no collar. Produced 1969  to 1996. Height 4.5 inches.


Rarity - Common











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Bronze Mare See Mare    
Bruin the Bear See the "Briar Rose" section    

Bullfinch & Clematis

Produced 1950  to 1952. Measures 10" long x 6 1/4" high. Variations with either green, blue or cream coloured leaves. Hard to find with both of the detached birds.


Rarity - Rare











Birds_-_Very_Rare.jpg (15125 bytes)

The 4no  'Bird Wall Sets' comprise of 'Bullfinches & Clematis', 'Chaffinches & Roses', 'Goldfinches & Magnolias', 'Orchids & Parakeets'.

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Bullfinch & Clematis (cont)

Blue leaved version

Bush Baby

Wild Life Series Composite. Produced 1967  to 1996. Height 7.5  inches.

Rarity - Common

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