What are Bossons


W.H. Bossons Ltd of Congleton, England are probably most renown for the production of their 'Character Wall Masks'. These are models of heads and figurines that were made of gypsum plaster and produced in very high detail. All models were hand painted. One of the reasons that 'Bossons' are so valued and collectable is because of the detail and realism.


Cast plaques ready for hand painting


A typical Bossons wall mask called Abdhul. A typical Bossons figurine called Carnival Joe.

Bossons also produced high detail pottery products made from vitreous china and plaques which were made from both gypsum plaster and to a lesser degree vitreous china.


A typical pottery product called Capri which was made from vitreous china. A typical Bossons plaque called Afridi which was made from gypsum plaster.

More recently Bossons ventured into the production of plastic PVC models under the name of 'Fraser Art'. These were again produced in very high detail.


A typical PVC Fraser Art product called American Bald Eagle Briar Rose Collection made from Gypsum Plaster.