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Emiliano Zapata

See Zapata


Engineer (Railway Engineer)

Produced 1992 to 1996. Sculpted by Alice Brindley.


Rarity - Fairly Rare



Engineer 'Display Frame'

Engineer model with Bossons Engineer 'display frame'. As far as we are aware these 'display frames' never went into production and were experimental only. This frame & model was from the Richard Bossons collection and sold via auction Oct 2022


Experimental 'Display Frames' were also produced for the Mozart, Don Quixote, USAF Pilot and Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman


Produced 1969 to 1987. Series A Composite. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 8 inches.


Rarity - Fairly Common












Produced 1962 only. Sculpted by Fred Wright in 1959. Found to be too difficult and too time consuming to paint for practical production.   


Rarity - One of the Rarest











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Espana_L1145_7days.jpg (9108 bytes)Espana_789.jpg (11598 bytes)


Espana (cont)

Unpainted model from the Richard Bossons collection


Produced 1996 only. Evzon was one of the last Bossons to be produced at the Bossons factory. Evzon are Greek Guards.


Rarity - Rare











Evzon 1995 Prototype (lower badge) - . Notice that the hat badge is in a slightly different location on this model. This model is extremely rare.
Evzon Trail Models


Rarity - The Rarest












Evzon trial models with much rarer lower badge version on the right. Sold by auction direct from the Richard Bossons collection on the 29.07.2022

Trial example differences - There is no red stripes on shirt and badges are painted of a more goldish and less greens on both of these models. There are no Bossons markings.

Approx a dozen of the lower badge pieces were made for one customer. There is a letter in existence stating this point (DL). It may be that Bossons made the lower badge piece for one customer and then thought they had placed the badge too low, so changed its location for when they went into full production

Evzon Trial Models (cont)

From Right to Left - Evzon Common / Experimental Gold Ring Badge / Experimental Low Badge

Evzon Trial Models (cont)

Sold from the Richard Bossons collection Oct 2022