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Alexander Emsley was born on August 2nd, 1910 and passed away on December 14th, 1980. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland and at age 13 he was becoming a talented young artist.

He was featured in an article in a Glasgow newspaper and a sponsor was sought to send him to the Glasgow school of art. A few years later after finishing his regular schooling, he was accepted into the Glasgow school of art.

Not much is know about his life in Scotland. But it is know he emigrated to South Africa in 1948. He made his art studio in his home of Claremont which is near Cape Town.

He had established his reputation as a fine artist and portrait painter. He was also renown for his animal studies many of Elephants spending much of his time in Kruger National Park.

Most of his wildlife studies of Elephants were sold here in the United States.

He was a great admirer of the art work of  Bossons and in 1950, decided to make similar works but all relating to South African subjects.

He went to London in 1970 and after 5 years returned to Cape Town.

According to Dr. Robin Emsley (one of his sons), his father had made the following pieces, The Beer Drinker, The Cape Coon (clown), Old Salt, Pedro The Fisherman, The Flower Seller, Old Japie (holding grapes), Zulu Maiden, Cossack, and Matador.

He also made a few plaques as well such as Proteas (botanical flower name sometimes called sugarbush), 2 models, plus Disas (African Orchid), The Cango Caves (at least four versions), Table Mountain which is a large plaque depicting early pioneers going over a mountain pass on their way into the unknown Northern Territory.

Outside of Robin Emsley, a few other of his family helped out painting and distributing these pieces for Alexander.


He loved Table Mountain and spent a lot of time hiking and sketching there. after his death in 1980, he was cremated and his ashes were strewn on his beloved Table Mountain.

Emsley produced 12 & 14 inch round plaques and 6 x 9  inch oval plaques.

Alphabetical Listing

African Bull Elephant Beer Drinker
Beer Drinker (variation) Column and Bothas Hall Cango Caves 
Cango Caves Cossack

Die Voortrekkers Plaque



Large and rare "one off' piece plaque. Only one know example located in the USA. 22.5 inches wide by 16 inches high

Flower Seller

Approx 10 inches high by 8inches wide. 1965 date on the bottom. This piece is very heavy

Frozen Waterfall Cango Caves
Lion and Lioness

This plaque measures 6 x 9 inches



Old Japie Old Salt


Organ Pipes Cango Caves

Pedro the Fisherman
The Cape Coon (clown) Turkoman
Organ Pipes Cango Caves

'Proteas' floral plaque

14 inch floral plaque

Veld Flowers (Wild)

12 inch floral plaque (rare)


(African) "Veld Flowers" translates into "Wild Flowers". Produced between 1960 & 1970s.