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Wild Life Series Composite. Produced 1966  to 1968. Width 16 inches. Eagle, Falcon and Sea Hawk for a set. Falcon is the rarest of this set.

There is a rarer and slightly larger version that was produced in 1964 that has no red on the head













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Fawn See the 'Briar Rose' section    

Fennec Fox

Frazer Art Limited Edition (1983).  Produced for a brief period of time so very rare. A model sold at the IBCS 2000 meeting for approx 1300. Sculpted by Alice Brindley.


One of the Rarest












Also see Crown Collection

Gorilla Family, Panda & Fennec Fox became the ' Fleur-de-lis Collection'. All models were made with the new 'Stonite' which was a blend of PVC plastic and stone material to reinforce and stabilise.

Fennec Fox (cont)

This model was sold via auction in 2022 from the Richard Bossons collection

The complete 'Fleur-de-lis Collection'

Fighting Cock

Fraser Art - Fighting Cock (right) 10.5 inches and (left) 9.5 inches. The right model is more common. Produced 1966 to 1968. Sculpted by Jonathon Kenworthy.


Very Rare











Left Handed Version

Right Handed Version

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Fighting Cocks (cont)

Unpainted chalkware Fighting Cock from the Bossons factory. Probably a one off mould sample

Fighting Cock

Fraser Art Copper Collection  -  Produced 1974  to 1977. Sculpted by Jonathon Kenworthy. height 15 x 18 inches wide. In the 1976 catalogue this piece was priced at $45.


Very Rare











This model was only produced as a  right handed version.

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Fighting Cock

Some unusual colour variation direct from the Richard Bossons collection. These variations are the only known examples and came direct from the factory


The Rarest












*550 / *250 / USA
Flight of the Mallard See Pottery Products - There are  3no pieces in this very rare set.    
Fish See Sailfish    


Fraser Art - Produced from 1970 to 1971. Height 8.5 inches.


Extremely Rare











Fox Cub

Wild Life Series Composite. Produced 1972  to 1996. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 7 inches.














French Poodle (Series 1)

French Poodle - Colour variations in Black or White. Produced 1959, one edition only. Height 3.5 inches


Rarity - Extremely Rare











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Frog See the 'Briar Rose' section