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Fraser Art - Produced 1970 to 1971. Sculpted by W R Bossons. Height 16 inches.


Rarity - Very Rare











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Geese Pottery Product - See Wild Geese    


Wild Life Series Composite. Produced 1967  to 1969. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 11 inches. Sometimes with a rarer separate set of bananas.


Rarity - Fairly Rare











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Gibbon with Bananas - I am not sure if the Bananas are original Bossons

Giraffe See the 'Briar Rose' section    
Golden Cockatoo See Cockatoo    
Golden Labrador  See Labrador    

Golden Puma

Also see Black Panther.

Wild Life Series Composite. Produced 1964  to 1967. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Length 16 inches.


Rarity - Fairly rare











Golden Puma Lamp

(This may not be an original design)

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Goldfinches & Magnolias

Produced 1955  to 1957. Length 10 inches.


Rarity - Rare











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The 4no  'Bird Wall Sets' comprise of 'Bullfinches & Clematis', 'Chaffinches & Roses', 'Goldfinches & Magnolias', 'Orchids & Parakeets'.

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Goldfinch Bookends (Birds)

Goldfinches 'Box Set'

See Bookends

See Pottery Products


Gorilla Group

Baby Doll & Mighty Midget - Comes with or without a timber plinth after 1994. Produced from 1984 to 1996. Sculpted by Alice Brindley. Height 6.5 inches. The without timber plinth model is rarer.


Rarity - Rare











Gorilla Family, Panda & Fennec Fox became the ' Fleur-de-lis Collection' and is disguisable from the 'Crown Collection' by the circular plinth. All models were made with the new 'Stonite' which was a blend of PVC plastic and stone material to reinforce and stabilise.

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This piece was inspired by a mother gorilla (Baby Doll), cradling her week-old offspring "Kabu", born at Howlett's Zoo in Kent, England.  Also included is her number two son, Kibobo.

Part of the proceeds of the sales were donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

Osprey (Guilded) See Osprey