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Harry Wheatcroft

Produced 1970  to 1972. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Series A Composite. Height 8 inches. With brown or rarer blue eyes. 


There is a much rarer version with a stripped yellow and white shirt of which  only 3 or 4 exist. This model has a solid back which the green shirt model does not have


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Rarity - Very Rare











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Harry with green check shirt

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Harry Wheatcroft (cont)

Harry Wheatcroft was a famous rose grower from Yorkshire. He lived from 1898 to 1977.

Harry Wheatcroft catalogues

Harry Wheatcroft with his three sons David, Christopher, and Jonathan (David with son/daughter)


Dated 1995. Experimental model. Only one known example in existence. This was probably one of the last models to be produced by Bossons.


Rarety - The Rarest












Riverboat Gambler, Chambermaid and Gamekeeper were final prototype models models

Henry VII

See King Henry VII



Produced 1966  to 1969. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Series A Composite. Height 8 inches.


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Rarity - Fairly Rare











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Produced 1967 to 1988. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Series B Composite. Height 5.5  inches. There is also a Himalayan Shelf Ornament and a Himalayan Lamp Base. With brown of green shade of neck scarf.


Rarity - Common











The earlier recessed back models had an orange collar and the later flat back models had a green collar

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Himalayan Shelf Ornament

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Himalayan Shelf Ornament

Himalayan (cont)
Himalayan Base Lamp See Lamps    

Horatius Cocles

Produced 1972  to 1979. Sculpted by W R Bossons. Height 7.5 inches. From the Fraser Art Copper Collection. Horatius Cocles was a Roman hero, Bridge of Sublicius - Cica 510 BC.


Rarity - Rare











Horatius Cocles, Richard Neville and Viking Head form a set.

Horse Jockey

See Jockey for more details


Humpty Dumpty

We cannot confirm if this is a genuine Bossons product? Bossons sticker on base of model (see photo)