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Ibibio (No 3) See Pottery Products - Forms a part of the "Miniature African Mask" series.    
Ibo (No 1) See Pottery Products - Forms a part of the "Miniature African Mask" series.    

Infantry Officer

Produced 1987  to 1996. Sculpted by Alice Brindley. Height 5.5 inches. Forms a set with Drummer Boy.


Rarity - Fairly Rare











Infantry Officer is a  member of the Confederate or Rebel Army led by General Robert E Lee

Infantry Officer

Original prototype with cigar in mouth


Rarity - One of the Rarest













Back of prototype model

Indian Chief

Produced 1961 to 1964. Sculpted by Fred Wright.  Wall Figurine Composite. Height 10 inches. The Original version came red/yellow frills. The later version had  purple frills.


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Rarity - Fairly Available











There is a rarer Version with Blue Head-Dress

Version with Red/Yellow frills

Indian_Chief_...jpg (7462 bytes)Indian_6Chief.jpg (6774 bytes)

Version with purple frills

Indian Chief with 'Blue Headdress' Usually found with ring mount whereas the more common version usually has a recessed staple mount.

Rarity - Rare

Photograph kindly supplied by Scott C in NJ

Indian_Chief_-_Blue_Head_Dress.jpg (7828 bytes)Indian_Chief_-_Blue_Head-_Dress.jpg (11721 bytes)  
Indian Dancer See Pottery Products - Modern Pottery products - series includes Spanish Dancers, Liberian Dancers, Bullfighters, Jazz Figures.