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Nigerian Man

First Edition - Sculpted be Fred Wright. Height 5.5  inches. Series B Composite.


Rarity - Fairly Available











1st Edition

The 1st Edition was introduced in 1962 and discontinued in 1964. The face had a shinny finish and the back was solid with a protruding wire mount.

The 2nd Edition was introduced in 1988 for one year. This piece had a matt finish and recessed wire mount on the back.

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1st Edition

Nigerian Man

Second Edition - Sculpted be Fred Wright. Height 5.5  inches. Series B Composite.


Rarity - Rare











2nd Edition

2nd Edition

Nigerian Woman

Produced 1961 to 1962. Height 5.5 inches. Series B Composite.


Rarity - Extremely Rare











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No 2 - Ninth Lancer - 1827

Produced 1965  to 1966 and 1968 to 1970. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 7.5 inches. One of 6no Military Wall Masks. Open and Closed Eye Versions. The early 1965-66 version had painted eyes and the 1968-70 has no painted eyes.


Rarity - The Closed Eye Version is Rare.

The Open Eye Version is Very Rare











One of six Military Masks which comprise of Third Light Draggons, Sixth Dragoon Guards, Ninth Lancer, Grenadier, Officer de Chevauleger and Trompette du Regiment.

The first series was painted with 'small eyes open' and later 'without eyes', except the Sixth Dragoon which only had 'closed eyes'. Additionally there where different painting arrangements on the first series for the Collars and Tunics.

The later second series had eyes wide open and gold bandings on the collars.

Further alterations were carried out to Grenadier and Officer de Chevauleger and Trompette when they were re-issued between 1990 and 1994.

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Closed Eye


Produced 1995 to 1996. Sculpted by W R Bossons. Depicts Tazio Nuvolari the famous Italian racing car driver of the 1920-30


Rarity - Rare











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