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Paddy - 1st Edition

Produced 1962 to 1970. Height 5.5 inches. Series B Composite.

This model comes in a red or  black hair colour


Rarity - Fairly Common











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Red Hair Version

paddy_back_ver1.jpg (17967 bytes) Paddy_ver1.jpg (6702 bytes)

Black Hair Version

Paddy - 2nd Edition

Produced 1969 to 1996. Height 5.5 inches. Series B Composite. There is a Special Painted Edition that was handed out to the attendees of the 1990 IBCS Meeting in New Orleans. This model has a green hat and light brown collar.


Rarity - Common. The Special Painted Edition is Rare











Special painted Paddy with green hat from the Bossons convention of 1990


Produced 1961 to 1992. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 8 inches. Series A Composite. Early Pancho had a hollow back.


Pancho Villa (1878 to 1923) was a Mexican revolutionary leader. 


Rarity - Very Common











Pancho with an eye patch !!  This is the only example that I am aware of so a very rear piece.


Produced 1995  to 1996. Sculpted by W R Bossons.


Rarity - Rare











Parson88.jpg (17867 bytes)


Produced 1969 to 1996. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 11 inches. Wall Figurine Composite. The 'Painted Shield' version is rarer. There is a very rare 'handed' version where the model faces in  the opposite direction.


Rarity - Common











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Who are the Pathans? They are also called Afghans or Pishtus after their language. They identify themselves with their former name ‘sons of Israel’, even though nowadays they live as Muslims. In Afghanistan they are said to number six to seven million, and in Pakistan seven to eight million. Two million of them live as beduins.

Pathan with Painted Shield


Rarity - Extremely Rare












pathanxx.jpg (10948 bytes)

Pathan with painted shield  - Rare

Paul Kruger

See Kruger



Produced 1963  to 1997. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 18 inches. Forms a set with Sherpa.


Rarity - Fairly Common












Produced 1962  to 1988. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 5.5. inches.Series B Composite.

Rarity - Common

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