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Panda and Baby

Wild Life Series Composite. Produced 1979  to 1984. Sculpted by Alice Brindley. Height 8  inches.

Rarity - Fairly Available

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Panda Family

Fraser Art Fleur-de-Lis Collection. Introduced 1993, discontinued 1986

Rarity -One of the Rarest


Panda Family on a circular timber plinth was  first revealed in June 1983. This model was only produced for a brief period making it difficult for collectors to acquire. Comprises of sitting mother with 2no babies Gorilla Family, Panda & Fennec Fox became the ' Fleur-de-lis Collection' and is disguisable from the 'Crown Collection' by the circular plinth. All models were made with the new 'Stonite' which was a blend of PVC plastic and stone material to reinforce and stabilise.  


Wild Life Series Composite. Produced 1968  to 1969. Height 7  inches.


Rarity - Rare











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Patch (dog)

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Pekingese (Peke)

Series 1 - Pekingese. Produced 1959  to 1961. Height 3 inches (longer ears).

Series 2 - Pekingese. Produced 1962  to 1969. Height 3.25 inches.

No Third Series.  


Rarity - Fairly Common











Re-Issued version very rare


Series 1 Pekingese - The ears hang lower on the Series 1 Pekinese

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Series 2 Pekingese

Series 2 'Re-Issued' Planned for re-issue just before the factory closed. Height 3.25 inches. Note the newer design back. These models are very rare

It is interesting that one of these examples has a single wire 'recessed back' whereas the other has a double wire. The double wire was 'generally' used on later models

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Persian Cat

Produced 1989 to 1992. Height 3.5 inches. Colour Variations - Blue Persian, Black Persian with blue or orange eyes. Also see Kitten.


Rarity - Fairly Available











Persian Black (Blue Eyes)

Persian Blue

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Pooch (dog)

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Poodle (also see French Poodle)      

Poodle (Series 1)

Produced 1959 to 1961. Height 4 inches. With high Collar. Colour variations in White, Black & Chocolate .


Rarity - Fairly Common











Series 1 - White (with high Collar)




Series 2 : 1st Design Produced 1962 to 1964. Height 3.5 inches. With no Collar. Colour variations in White, Black & Chocolate. White is slightly rarer.

Series 2 : 2nd Design Produced 1964 to 1969. Height 4 inches.  With Collar and Bow. Colour Variations in White, Black & Chocolate.


Rarity - Fairly Common.











Series 2 -  1st Design - with no Collar - White & Chocolate

Series 2 - 2nd Design (White) with low Collar and Bow

Series 2 - 2nd Design (Chocolate)

Poodle (Cont)

Series 2 : 1st Design

Series 2 - 1st Design - Black

Series 2 - 1st Design - Chocolate

Series 2 - 1st Design - White & Chocolate

Poodle (Series 3)

'Dogs of Distinction Series'. Produced 1969 to 1996. With low Collar. Colour variations in Black & White


Rarity - Common.












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(Reintroduced Series 2)

The 2nd Design Series 2 Poodle was reintroduced in 1996 the year in which the factory closed. These reintroduced models are much  rarer than the earlier Series II editions.


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