Holiday to Cornwall - Aug 2002


The Campsite - Matthew sleeps in the orange ridge tent. A nice cloudy day, as usual ... We took two cars, one to tow the Caravan and one to tow the yellow inflatable boat. We use the yellow inflatable boat for SCUBA diving.  
Visiting Plymouth Marine Aquarium. The chap next to me with the blue top is Lee..... Lee has been my closest friend since I was 5 years old.
Matthew and with his friend Alex, launching the small boat - you will notice that everybody has now left the water!!!
Inside the Caravan ... I love my Gameboy
More eating ...
2004 - This is what eventually happened to the Sierra car in the photo at the top of the page. Aimee, my daughter had another crash and this accident eventually "wrote the car off". The car is about to be towed to the scrape yard. Aimee crashed this car on countless occasions and within a two year period I repaired damage to every single panel on this vehicle except the rear offside wing. I even started collecting light units from scrap yards in readiness for the next crash, as this was the most common repair. The damage caused by this final accident was just too difficult to repair as the main chassis was bent .... O Well, at least nobody was hurt !!!