Pi to Pz - Heads & Figurines

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Pickwick See Mr Pickwick    


Produced 1978 to 1996. height 5.5 inches. Series B Composite.


Rarity - Common.

The Special Painted Edition is Rare











Pierre - brown hat.jpg (15287 bytes)

There is a Special Painted Pierre (left) that has a Brown Hat. It was made for the Bossons Society 1989 annual meeting and was giving to the members that attended. Some were released after this meeting.

Pierre Le Grand

See Captain Pierre Le Grand    


See Smuggler    
Policeman See London Bobby    

Pony Girl

Produced 1969 to 1970.Sculpted be Fred Wright. Height 7 inches. Wall Figurine Composite.


Rarity - Rare











Rosa, Mimi and Pony Girl form the 'Child Studies' set. Pony Girl is the most common of these 3no pieces.

Pony Girl (cont)


Produced 1993  to 1995. Sculpted be W R Bossons. Height 4 inches.


Rarity - Fairly Rare











Portia.jpg (6734 bytes)Portia2.jpg (7886 bytes) Produced 1993 to 1995. Sculpted be W R Bossons. 4 inches tall. The Shakespearian Comedies Collection comprises of Katherina, Portia, Falstaff, Sir Toby Belch and Sir Andrew Aguecheek. Limited to 9500 copies. Model can be used as wall ornament of free-standing shelf ornament.  
Pottery Garden Figures  See Pottery Products    


Produced 1966  to 1994. Sculpted be Fred Wright. Height 8 inches. Series A Composite. Rarer Yellow Turban version.


Rarity - Very Common











Punjab is a province in north eastern Pakistan, originally part of the Punjab historic region is now divided between Pakistan and India

Comparison between green & yellow Turban versions

The  rarer 'Yellow Turban' Punjabi

Punjabi (Yellow Turban)


Rarer Yellow Turban version.


Rarity -  Extremely Rare











Yellow Turban - Note the darker thumb depression in the rear recess which is a means of identification.

Identification the Yellow Turban Version

A way to identify a genuine 'yellow' Turban Punjabi is the circular thumb mark that is located in the rear recess. If it has a thumb mark then it is genuine. We are not sure that this applies to all yellow Turban Punjabi however it certainly applies to all the genuine models that we have seen. Also we have only ever seen the Yellow Turban Punjabi with a recessed back. Note that the green Punjabi has a yellow collar were as the 'Yellow Turban' version is more subtly blended. Needless to say there are quite a number of fake paintings of the yellow version which is why it is important to accurately identify this model. 

Yellow Turban back, with darker thumb depression in lower recess

Punjabi (Yellow Turban)