N - Plaques (Scene + People)

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Narrow Loch Katrine (The) See 'The Narrow Loch Katrine'    
Native Kraal Scene

8 inch Circular Plaque. Produced 1952 to 1956.


Rarity - One of the Rarest












Native Scene in Rhodesia

4 inch Circular Plaque. Produced 1957  to 1959. Rarity - Extremely Rare.


Rarity - Extremely Rare











Native_Scene_in_Rhodesia9.jpg (19502 bytes) Native_Scene_in_Rhodesia.jpg (10328 bytes)  

Native Study

12 inch plaque. African lady with wicker basket on her head.



Rarity - The Rarest











Newport Arch, Lincoln (Ivorex)

Bossons Ivorex. Produced 1981  to 1992. Dimensions 8 x 6 inches.


Rarity - Fairly Rare












The equivalent Osborne Ivorex plaques. Dimensions  8 x 6 inches.

(Photographs supplied by Scott C).

Newquay See 'the Harbour, Newquay'    

Niagara Falls

8x5 inch plaque. Probably produced some time between 1950  to 1956.


Rarity - One of the Rarest











Photograph kindly supplied by Scott C in NJ


Niagara Falls

10 inch Circular Plaque. Produced 1950  to 1956.


Rarity - Rare











Niagara Falls

14 inch Circular Plaque. Produced 1950  to 1956. Rarity - Extremely Rare.

The larger 14" plaque has more water and mist in the background than the 10 inch version

(SC in USA)


Norwich Cathedral

8 x 5 inch Rectangular Plaquette. Produced 1948  to 1954. Rarity - Fairly Available.


Rarity - Fairly Available












Nursery Rhyme Plaques


Rarity - One of the Rarest












Nursery_Rhyme_Plaques__Mary_Mary_Quite_Contrary_Little_Boy_Blue_May_had_aLittle_Lamb_-_Mint.jpg (13348 bytes)Nursery_Rhyme_Plaque.jpg (10887 bytes)

Nursery_Rhyme_Plaque_Bottom.jpg (4408 bytes)

There are 3no different designs of the Nursery Rhyme plaques. See  'Mary Mary Quite Contrary', 'Little Boy Blue' and 'Mary had a Little Lamb'.

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Nursery Rhyme Plaques (2)