Y - Plaques (Scene + People)

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Yachts 'Wooden Panel'

Fraser Art wall panel with 'Wooden Panel' backing

Produced 1962


Rarity - The Rarest











Also see Galleon 'Wooden Panel'



Yankee Doodle The Spirit of 76 (Ivorex)

8' x 6 1/2" plaque.


Rarity - Extremely Rare











'Bossons Ivorex' plaque.

(Photographs kindly provided by Scott C)

The earlier 'Osborne Ivorex' plaque of the same scene (8 x 6 1/4 inches). Note the brighter colours on the 'Bossons Ivorex plaque.


Yard Market, Dunster

11.75 x 7.5 inch Rectangular Plaque. Produced between 1956 and 1957. This set of four plaques comprises of Yarn Market, Ship Porlock, At the Wayside and Bowling Along


Rarity - One of the Rerest











Picture kindly provided by Scott in New Jersey

Dunster's most famous feature is the Yarn Market where cloth was sold. It was built in 1609. A hole in one of the beams of the Yarn Market is said to have been made by a cannonball during the Civil War when the Castle was under siege for 160 days


Photograph of Yard Market

York Minster

8 x 5 inch Rectangular Plaque. Produced 1950  to 1956.


Rarity - Very Rare











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York See 'Petergate, York'