D - Plaques (Scene + People)

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6 inch Circular plaque. .


Rarity - Common











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'Autumn' plaque same as earlier 'Chysanthemums'.

'Spring' plaque same as earlier 'Daffodils'.

'Summer' Plaque same as earlier 'Roses'.



12 inch Circular plaque


Rarity - Common











Daffodils with wrought iron surround. The wrought iron surround version is much rarer.


14 inch Circular plaque


Rarity - Fairly Rare











Daimler Car - 1906

See Pottery Products    
Daisies & Anemones

12 inch Circular plaque. Produced around 1958  to 1963.


Rarity - Common











12 inch plaque in black wrought-iron frame

Wrought Iron Frames Plaques (produced 1959) - The following plaques were available with 'Wrought Iron Frames': Daisies & Anemones (15" overall), Camellias (13" overall), Sentimental Flowers (13" overall). Plaques with Wrought Iron Frames are much rarer
Departure (The) See 'The Departure'    
Derwentwater and Skiddaw

14 inch Circular plaque. Produced 1948  to 1954.


Rarity - Rare











Dickens Old Curiosity Shop

12.5 x 8.5 inch Rectangular Plaque. Produced from 1955 and 1958.


Rarity - Very Rare











1st Version

2nd Version with narrower boarder and 3no windows to the left hand building. The engraving on the bottom of this plaque shows up better than the earlier version.

Notice sticker attached in the upper left of the plaque which reads 'Ivorite Matt Finish can be cleaned with a damp cloth'. These labels are only on  the very early plaques.

Disney Plaque See Sleeping Beauty    
Dover Castle (Ivorex)

Bossons Ivorex. Produced 1981  to 1992. Dimensions 11.25 x 7.25 inches.


Rarity - Fairly Rare












The equivalent Osborne Ivorex plaques. Dimensions  11 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches.

(Photographs supplied by Scott C).

Douglas, The Horse Tram

5 x 3 inch Rectangular Plaque. Produced 1952 to 1955.


Rarity - Extremely Rare











There were only 6no designs created for the 5 x 3 inch Plaque. 'Anne Hathaway's Cottage', 'Bridge St Chester', 'Douglas The Horse and Tram', 'Eastgate Chester', 'Old Blacksmith's Shop' and 'Shakespeare's Birthplace'. Photograph kindly supplied by Scott C in NJ

Douglas Bay, IOM

8 x 5 inch plaquette. Produced 1950 to 1956.


Rarity - Very Rare











Photograph kindly supplied by Scott C

View of Isle of Man, Harbour
Down-a-long Clovelly See Clovelly    
Ducks See Wild Geese and Mallards    

Dunfermline Abbey

8 x 5 inch Rectangular Plaquette. Produced 1950 to 1956.


Rarity - Rare











Photograph kindly supplied by Scott C in NJ

Dunster See yarn Market, Dunster    

Durham Cathedral

Bossons Ivorex Plaque.

Dimensions 8 x 10.5 inches high


Rarity - One of the Rarest