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Kwiz Pottery Garden Figures - Water Resistant for garden use. Five figures were produced comprising of Woody (12"), Lemmy (14"), Kwiz (12"), Puff (14"), Tubby (14"). All figures are extremely rare.    


Pottery Garden Figures - Water Resistant for garden use. Five figures were produced comprising of Woody (12"), Lemmy (14"), Kwiz (12"), Puff (14"), Tubby (14"). All figures are extremely rare.    
Liberian Dancer

Pottery Product - Height 10 inches. Modern Pottery Wall Figure.


Rarity - Rare











Liberian_Dancer.jpg (11970 bytes) Produced 1959, sold for one year only. Sculpted by Colin Melbourne ARCA. Modern Pottery Wall Figure. The complete set comprises of Bullfighter, Liberian Dancer, Spanish Dancer (Man), Spanish Dancer (Woman), Indian Dancer and Jazz Figures.
Liberian_Dancer_Back.jpg (19859 bytes)


Madonna (Experimental Model)

Gold painted ceramic bust. This is the only known example and it never went into production. Sold via auction Oct 2022 from the Richard Bossons collection

Mallards (3 Bird 'Box Set')

Mallard Box Set of 3no (Pottery Product)  - Produced 1958 to 1961. Mallards measure 7, 5.5, and 4.5 inches. Some colour variation with different sets (Green head).


See Teals (Purple Head) which are the same size as the three Mallards but painted differently


Rarity - Rare











There are six 'Boxed Bird' sets; Blue Birds, Wild Geese, Seagulls, Mallards, Teals and Goldfinches.

Pottery_Mallards0.jpg (7904 bytes)

NOTE: There are two variations of the Box Set of 3. One set has flatter feet with less detail, the other has thicker feet with more detail.

Mallard (4 Bird 'Box Set')

Mallard Box Set of 4no (Pottery Product)

The Mallard 'Box Set' of 4 comprises of larger birds and is much rarer than the 'Box Set' of 3 birds.

Box Set of 4 - Bird sizes are approx 13 3/8 (13"); 11 5/8 (11"); 8 7/8 (8 1/2"); 6 7/8 (6 1/2")

Produced 1956 to 1958. Very hard to find a full set of four Mallards particularly the small 6.5 inch bird.


Rarity - Extremely Rare











There is some confusion as to whether the 6 1/2" bird actually exists. Bossons apparently did away with the 6 1/2" bird because it was too fragile. One also needs to remember that moulds shrink and vary in size which could cause added confusion as to whether there is a remaining 6 1/2" bird. If anybody has a bird that does actually measure 6 1/2" and not 6 7/8" then we would be interested to know.


Accurate measurement takes from the above 'Box Set' of 4.

Mallard 1 - beak to tail 11 9/8" , beak to wing tip 13 2/8"

Mallard 2 - beak to tail 10 1/8", beak to wing 11 3/8"

Mallard 3 - beak to tail 7 6/8", beak to wing 8 7/8"

Mallard - beak to tail 6 2/8", beak to wing 7 1/8"


Mallard_Box_Set.jpg (8517 bytes)Mallards_Pottery.jpg (11975 bytes)Mallards_Pottery2.jpg (12282 bytes)

More examples of the Box Set of 3

Mallards in Flight (Flight of Mallards)

Pottery Product - Produced 1955 to 1957. Largest bird measure 6.5 inches. Set of 3no Mallards in flight.

Illustrated are the 2no largest birds, the third bird is smaller. Made of 'clay pipe' material


Rarity - Extremely Rare











The legs are much more swept back and the heads are slimmer than the more common Mallards sets above


The back of the smallest model had a habit of breaking on the holding ring, hence possibly the reason for fewer examples


High Relief Pottery - Produced 1955 to 1957. Diameter 12.5 inches. Also see gypsum plaster plaques.


Rarity - Extremely Rare











In 1955 there were 14no 'High Relief Pottery' designs produced. 1956 saw the introduction of 2no additional designs. See 'Collections' for the complete list.  

Mac (Cairn Terrier)

Pottery Product - Produced 1960 to 1962. 5 inches high.  Also see Patch and Pooch.


Rarity - Fairly Rare











Mac 'Black 1' with red hat and white bobble.

Mac 'Black 2' with white hat

Pottery_-_Mac_Cairn_Terrier.jpg (14640 bytes)Pottery - Mac Cairn Terrier3.jpg (9790 bytes)

Mac 'White 1' with black hat and yellow bobble.

Mac 'White 2' with black hat and white bobble.

The yellow hat version is much rarer.

Mac (Cairn Terrier) - continued

Right - Black Mac with yellow tam and white bobble.

Left - White Mac with white hat, medallion and bobble.

Both of these models are rarer versions

Mandolin Player

21cm height

2no unpainted experimental models form the Richard Bossons collection. Sold via auction Oct 2022 

Model 1

Model 2

Model 2

Mickey Mouse

see Head and Figures


Minnie Mouse

see Heads and Figures


Miniature African Masks

Pottery Product - See Ibo, Baule, Baluba, Ibibio




This product never went into production. Approx 2.5 inches in height


Rarity - The Rarest













Mont Orgueil Castle, Jersey - Ash Tray



Rarity - The Rarest











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