R - Heads & Figurines

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Fraser Art. Produced 1970  to 1971. Height 19 inches.


Rarity - One of the Rarest












Produced 1968  to 1996. Sculpted be Fred Wright. Height 9 inches. Series A Composite.


Rarity - Common











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Retired Sea Captain

Sea Captain Retired (Norman Rockwell)    

Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick

Fraser Art Copper Collection. Produced 1972  to 1979. Sculpted be W R Bossons. Height 7.5 inches.  Made using Stonite.


Rarity - Fairly Rare











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Horatius Cocles, Richard Neville and Viking Head form a set from the Copper Collection.

Richard Neville Earl of Warwick and Salisbury lived between 1428 and 1471.

Riverboat Gambler (Mississippi Riverboat Gambler)

Experimental model of a man with a Western style hat holding a hand of cards. This would have been one of the last models produced by Bossons. There are no known completed examples in existence.

This unpainted model was sent over by the Bossons Company to the St. Louis convention in 1994. The head seemed too large for the body. The model was near completion and was intended to be distributed in North America only.
Riverboat Gambler and the Gamekeeper are the only known heads that may never have been completed
Riverboat Gambler (cont)

Prior to the 9th Annual IBCS Meeting, April 19th-24th 1994 in St Louis, Mr. W. Ray Bossons sent a new prototype to Dr Bob Davis requesting comments and input from meeting attendees. The new piece would be titled “Riverboat Gambler”, described as a person who gambled professionally on (Mississippi) riverboats in the Old West. It seemed appropriate to have this prototype presented at the St. Louis meeting with the proximity of the hotel adjacent to the mighty Mississippi River and St. Louis being known as the “Gateway to the West”. Riverboat gamblers were regarded variously as bold, reckless, dashing, sharp, unethical, etc. Below is a photo of Kathy Davis holding the unpainted prototype. Due to the lighting, it was difficult to photograph, but you can see the basic design – a male gambler wearing a broad-brimmed hat with a moustache and holding three playing cards in his left hand and one playing card in his right hand. The piece was unusual since it was designed from the waist up and had a portion of a Mississippi riverboat in the background. Although the feedback was unanimously positive for whatever reason the piece was never put into production

Rob Roy

Produced 1995  to 1996. One of the last Bossons produced with a short production run.


Rarity - Fairly Rare











Rob Roy: Highland Hero (1670-1734)

He was a soldier alongside his father and brother at the age of eighteen. He was a farmer, whose respect for the Highland way of life won him a place in the legend of the country. He was an outlaw, a thief, or a dedicated family man, depending on how you look at it.


Robin Hood

Produced 1986  to 1996. Sculpted be Alice Brindley. Height 6.75 inches.


Rarity - Fairly Available











Robin took to the greenwood of Sherwood Forest, making a living by stealing from rich travellers and distributing the loot among the poor of the area.


Fraser Art Copper Collection. Produced 1972 to 1977. 12.5  x 13 inches.


Rarity - Rare











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Forms a set with Bronco



Produced 1991  to 1996. Sculpted be W R Bossons. Height 7.5  inches.


Rarity - Fairly Rare











See 'Viking Head' of the Fraser Art Copper Collection which is a similar design


1st Edition - Produced 1960  to 1964. Sculpted be Fred Wright. Height 8.5 inches. Wall Figurine Composite. Scandalli inscribed on the accordion. Has blue/green scarf and a rarer yellow scarf.


Rarity - Fairly Common

The Yellow Scarf version is Fairly Rare











1st Edition green scarf Romany.

There is a Romany base lamp that uses the 1st Edition design (see Lamps). Forms a set with Gypsy Girl


1st Edition yellow Scarf Romany


2nd Edition. Produced 1969  to 1996. Sculpted be Fred Wright. Height 11.5  inches. Wall Figurine Composite.

(see Detailed Study) 


Rarity - Common











The 2nd Edition is larger than the 1st Edition and has less keys (10no) on keyboard.
Romany Lamp See Lamps    


Produced 1969  to 1970. Height 9 inches. Wall Figurine Composite. 4no known examples.


Rarity - The Rarest











Rosa, Mimi and Pony Girl form the 'Child Studies' set. Rosa and Mimi are often regarded as some of the rarest wall masks. Rosa is the rarer of these 2no pieces and is now probably one on the most valuable Bossons ever produced.

Royal Canadian Mounted Policemen

Produced 1992  to 1996. Sculpted be Alice Brindley. Height 5.75 inches.


Rarity - Fairly Rare












Produced 1969  to 1992. Height 5.5  inches. Series B Composite.

Rarity - Fairly Common


Running Back

Fraser Art Copper Collection. Produced 1972 to 1977.  Height 11 inches.


Rarity - Very Rare











Forms a set with Quarterback and Linebacker.