Unknown Pieces


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Unknown Man

Unnamed wall mask from the Richard Bossons collection. Sold via auction Oct 2022

18cm height

Early Bossons Plaque

20.5cm diameter

These 2no pieces were sold via auction on the 29th July 2022 from the Richard Bossons collection. The pieces came direct from the Bossons factory. They could be linked to Ivorex products?

Osborne Ivorex 'Pilgrim Bottle'

The 4 3/4 inch round plaque (slightly painted) could be Victoria Falls or more likely Niagara Falls. There is no title or markings on the piece. When Bossons bought out the Osborne company a lot of unfinished pieces were brought over to Bossons and stored until the ones they picked to remake as Bossons Ivorex.

Floral Plaque

14 inch circular plaque.

This plaque does not appear to be  listed in any Bossons publication so a very rare piece. Any information would be welcome??

Only 1no known example.  

Porcelain Romany

We are unsure if this is a genuine Bossons model