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West Highland White Terrier

Later addition to the 'Dogs of Distinction Series'. Produced 1991 to 1996. Height 3.5 inches.


Rarity - Fairly Available











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Version 2

There were two versions. The first version appeared in the 1991 Bossons supplement brochure. It was 3.5 inches in height and had a longer neck than the more common Version 2. Even though the Version 1 model was featured in the 1991 brochure it is suggested that this model never went into production and was only ever created as a prototype.     
Wild Geese See Pottery Products - Wild Geese    


Wild Life Series Composite. Produced 1969  to 1996. Sculpted by Fred Wright. Height 12.5 inches.


Rarity - Common











Wren See 'Crown Collection' series    
Blue Tit (gypsum)

This is a pre-production chalk model which was probably made prior to the manufacture of the Fraser Art Crown Collection PVC creation.

Rarity - The Rarest